For the Record: Marriage licenses, property deeds

Staff Report

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in March in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Tyler J. Neal, 27 of Point Pleasant, to Ashley R. Edmonds, 32 of Point Pleasant. Eli W. Freeland, 33 of Edgewood, Md., to Kristin L. Cooper, 34 of Middleport, Ohio. Paul L. McDaniel III, 40 of Pomeroy, Ohio, to Jessica N. Lane, 20 of Mason. James A. Withrow, 48 of Cheshire, Ohio, to Jodie L. Doerfer, 47 of Letart. Zachary T. Linger, 24 of Letart, to Alexandrea N. Walker, 22 of West Columbia. Cole H. Walker, 21 of Point Pleasant, to Autum R. Stover, 21 of Point Pleasant. Epiphany D. Gregory, 29 of Parkersburg, to Deziree H. Tennant, 26 of Point Pleasant. Robert I. Gibbs, 25 of Mason, to Andrea L. Saxon, 36 of Mason. Kevin J. Cunningham, 34 of Kingston, Ohio, to Angela J. Boedeker, 40 of Kingston. Gary L. Mullins Jr, 23 of Leon, to Andramada N. Arnott, 24 of Apple Grove. Corey M. Page, 30 of Gallipolis Ferry, to Nevada M. Harris, 25 of Gallipolis Ferry.

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in March in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Jeffrey A. Russell and Katie L. Russell Anderson to Jeffrey A. Russell and Zedah M. Russell, Town of New Haven. Jeffrey A. Russell and Zedah M. Roush to Timothy A. Roush, Town of New Haven. Beveryly A. Lewis and Karen R. Nuce to Cole H. Walker and Autum R. Stover, Cooper District. Cindy Yoder to Isaiah M. Burgess, Clendenin District. Kathy VanMatre to Ronald G. and Alice F. Heath, Town of Mason. Sante A. and Susan N. Liberatore to Shermon Clevenger Jr., Lewis District. Barbara A. Jones to Destiny A. White, Lewis District.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Hannan District. Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC. to Dennis D. Weekley II, Town of Mason. Iva L. Stuart to Brittany Dowdy, Arbuckle District. Janette M. Bowen to Clyde W. Bowen III, Clendenin District. Darrell R. Gandee Jr. to Joshua Atkinson and Leigh A. Atkinson, trs., for Atkinson Family Revocable Trust, Cooper District. Patricia Ragland, fka Patricia A. Murray to Barbara L. Hassie, Hannan District. Glen A. Myers to Jamie R. Fouty and Diana S. Hudnall, Hannan District.

Henry P. and Juanita A. Gardner to Teresa Kughn, Henry P. and Juanita A. Gardner, Lewis District. Ronald and Judy Blum to Judy Blum, Hannan District. Larry E. and Melissa A. Lewis II to James P. Hearns and Melissa A. Kerrigan, Union District. Patricia A. Miles to Jeffery L. and Terri L. Martin, Cologne District. Ecosystem Investment Partners III LLC to Dmitri E. and Nichole R. Waite, Union District. James D. Upton to Jesse J. Eastman and Kasey Geremia, Cologne and Union Districts.

Jerry L. Adkins to Tiffany R. Adkins, Hannan District. Robert W. and Corena L. Barnitz to Angel L. Hoffman, Town of Mason. John M. Barnitz to Angel L. Hoffman, Town of Mason. Dan A. Wallace to Christina R. Weis, Hannan District. Barbara M. Lewis to Niles M. and Bonnie Young Sr., Cooper District. Niles M. and Bonnie Young Sr. to Randy L. Parsons, Cooper District. Russell Wood Jr. and Connie Roese to David R. Nichols, Cooper District.

Fredrick A. and April C. Pyles to Josiah K. and Natalie L. Sargent, Clendenin District. David L. and Sharon L. Norvell to Brian M. Allen and Aira H. Little, Town of Mason. Pill & Pill Sub Trs. and Melissa G. Napier to West Virginia Housing Development Fund, Hannan District. Michael W. and Lesa M. Means to Adam W. Lambert to Jessica A. Tyson, Union District. Violet Siders, NKA Violet M. Hendrix to Alexander G. Cole, Clendenin District. Montana Sky LLC to Steven W. Keene and Linda K. Greene, City of Point Pleasant. Tamatha D. and Ivan M. Short and Jackson Miles to Beverly Varney, Hannan District.

Jamie and Cody Spangler to Mitzi S. Spangler, Hannan District. Casey Rowe and Jamie Spangler to Mitzi S. Spangler, Hannan District. Montana Sky LLC to Ray A. Beegle and Dorothy M. Blankenship, Cologne District. Edgar S. Lanham II Succ. Trs., Robert H. and Rebecca J. Gillispie to Farmers Bank & Savings Company, Town of New Haven. Montana Sky LLC to Dorothy M. Frank, Town of Leon. Popcorn Properties LLC to Eric W. Ferguson, City of Point Pleasant. Betty McCormick to Sharon J. and Alisha D. Williams, Town of Leon.

Donald W. Dye to Michael S. and Linda L. Brewer, Town of New Haven. Lannes C. Williamson to Lannes C. and Judy D. Williamson, Arbuckle District. Sharon Garten to Tracy Durst, Cologne District. Joe A. Hammack to Jimmy A. Milton and Betty A. Matheny, Lewis District. Patricia Grimm, Dora I. Durst, est Patricia Grimm Exec. and Tracy Durst to Sharon Garten, Cologne District. James L. and Rhona L. Wilson to Christina M. Hendel, Town of New Haven. Bridget L. Anthony, FKA Bridget L. Campbell, Bridget L. Anthony, Lewis District.

Computers 4 U Inc. to Lindsey DeWeese, City of Point Pleasant. ACCS Marketing LLC to Tausha N. Carter and Justin Carrier, Hannan District. Shirley L. Day to Joshua Alford and Caitlynn Elliott, Town of Mason. Larry J. Whitington, Timothy and Lisa McDade to Alice J. Hatcher, Cologne District. Sherri Smith to Coty M. Doss, Clendenin District. Wilda R. Mahan to Rick L. and Michael W. Price, City of Point Pleasant. James W. Casto III to Gregory L. and Jane E. Haddox, Town of New Haven.

DG Land LLC. to Ryan M. and Carrie L. Davis, Hannan District. Aracoma Ready Mix Inc. to Alco Reasl Estate LLC, Waggener District. City National Bank of West Virginia to Michael and Kathie Allensworth, Town of New Haven. Sharah K. Deckard to Jason D. Bush, City of Point Pleasant. Catherine L. Oldaker Willis to Gary W. Hall, Waggener District. Donna and Josiah Surface to Keith A. and Kathryn L. Dewitt, Robinson District. Harold W. Gibbs to Kourtney Lawrence and Trenton Gibbs, Town of New Haven.

Larry D. Burris to Bradford L. Smith, Waggener District. Bradley H. Layne to George R. Goblett III and Aimee Goblett, Graham District. Eric J. and Natalie D. Tarr to Melissa A. Jefferson, Hannan District. Michael A. King to Michael A. King and Healther J. Delaney, City of Point Pleasant. Federal National Mortgage Association to Terry K. Hoosier, City of Point Pleasant. Rebecca M. Baldwin to Rebecca M. Baldwin and Lauren Durst, Cooper District. GMC Genetics LLC to John M. Flora, Clendenin District.

Elemental Resources LLC. to Joshua L. Parsons, Clendenin District. James Tatterson to James L. McCormick III and Jiya Khatiwada, Lewis District. Christopher DeWeese and Riverview Company LLC to J. Mark and Elizabeth J. Barna, Clendenin District. Howard S. Sturgeon to Lewis A. Marcum, Hannan District. Larry Davis to Shelby Davis, Robinson District. Shelby J. Davis to Larry Davis, Cooper and Robinson Districts.

Clarise Carson, AKA Clarise Knopp to Clarise Carson, AKA Clarise Knopp and William B. Knopp, Town of Mason. Indian Head II LLC to Craigo Real Estate Corporation, numerous property Mason County. Lanita Clonch to Lanita Clonch and Teddy L. Spears, Waggener District. Christy D. Dailey to Christoper A. and Amy M. Huddleston, City of Point Pleasant. Brian K. Wallis to Terry, Dianne L., Tera L. and Christoper J. Wallis, Clendenin District. C. Dallas Kayser LLC to Bradley H. Layne, City of Point Pleasant.

Staff Report