Higginbotham urges use of CARES money as stimulus for foster families, college students

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Delegate Joshua Higginbotham, (R-Putnam), and vice chairman of the House Education Committee, recently mailed a letter to Gov. Jim Justice urging him to use West Virginia’s CARES Act money to help provide stimulus funds for foster care families and college students.

According to a news release sent by the House’s communication’s department on Higginbotham’s behalf:

“During this time of COVID there have been two groups of citizens who have fallen through the cracks when it comes to one or more of the stimulus packages that have come out of Washington. Due to this I would ask your consideration in using a portion of West Virginia’s CARES funds to provide some true Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security to these people,” Higginbotham’s letter reads.

“First, I would ask that every guardian of foster children receive $1,000 per foster child. The monthly stipends given to foster parents are meant to help offset the costs of the basics: food, clothing, transportation, and daily needs. While these expenses increased during the prolonged time spent in quarantine the stipend did not. While I also appreciate the one-time payment issued to these families in July 2020, I feel that with the ongoing nature of COVID causing an increase to their expenses that my request would be extremely beneficial to these families.

“Second, I would request that every full-time college student from our state attending a WV institution receive a one-time payment of $1,000. A great number of these students were not incorporated into the first stimulus package at all and yet incurred the same expense increase as other citizens.”