Point ponders paving pot holes

POINT PLEASANT — The Point Pleasant City Council is planning to continue paving pot holes and rough patches of city roads.

The next area the city plans to pave is a 19-foot by 155-foot area of Robinson Street between the street’s intersections with Jackson Avenue and Howard Avenue in the Bellemead Addition.

Myers Paving entered a bid to complete the project for $5,650. The city council approved this bid at Monday night’s meeting.

Mayor Brian Billings said because he knows the company does quick work, he hopes to see the project finished by the end of this week if the weather permits.

“This is highly traveled going back to a church, and there are two churches in the area so there’s a lot of traffic, especially on Sundays and Wednesdays that travel this road. Plus there is all the traffic of the residents who live there, and this section is pretty bad,” Billings said. “I have to call Myers Paving to tell them they’ve been awarded the job. Then they’ll schedule the time. They’re pretty quick. Knowing them, I’d say they’ll have it done this week, weather permitting.”

The city began smoke testing the sewer system last week to identify any defects. The mayor said this testing is still under way, but should be completed by Wednesday.

“We’re not finished testing,” Billings said. “They have been backed up due to weather.”

The mayor said he hopes the council has results to report back by the next meeting.

The city council also discussed ideas for restoration and new additions to the town. Council members are looking into the addition of a spray park in the area. City Clerk Amber Tatterson said this idea came about by looking for alternate options after Harmon Pool closed this year.

“We visited the Hurricane spray park just to see what the facility looked like,” Tatterson said. “Basically, it’s a concrete base with different water equipment. It’s a separate offer to not having the pool. It’s still a water activity for kids. We thought of different avenues like fixing that leak with the pool, or should we look at different options such as a spray ground. The closest one is Hurricane, so our thought was, ‘This is something we have to offer for Gallipolis, New Haven and all of those other areas that have a pool.’”

Tatterson also said the project is only an idea as of the meeting and the council is still looking into whether or not the pool is able to be repaired.

The other project idea the council is looking at is restoring Pioneer Cemetery.

“The mayor’s goal on that is to go up and try to preserve and revamp the area, but with it being a historic district and a historic cemetery, there are certain rules you have to follow,” Tatterson said. “They’re looking at Lewisburg which is offering some informational classes on how to go about doing this. We want to preserve the history without disturbing it.”

Tatterson said both of these ideas are still in the thought process stage and the council is still looking into ways to put ideas into motion.

The Point Pleasant City Council will continue discussing these ideas and more plans for the city at next month’s meeting Aug. 17. The council approved a motion to move the meeting to this date due to the regularly scheduled meeting falling during the Mason County Fair.