Gallia, Mason report new cases… UK Variant reported in W.Va.

UK Variant reported in W.Va.

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OHIO VALLEY — New COVID-19 cases were reported in Mason and Gallia Counties over the weekend.

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) reported 11 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 over the weekend on Monday.

The Ohio Department of Health reported 19 new cases in Gallia County over the weekend.

An update from the Meigs County Health Department with the latest case information was delayed on Monday due to system issues beyond the control of the local health department.

UK Variant Detected in WV

Three cases of the COVID-19 variant B.1.1.7, or more commonly referred to as the UK Variant, have been detected in West Virginia. Forty-two other states have reported 1,523 cases, including all the bordering states to West Virginia, according to a news release from the West Virginia DHHR late Friday.

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) has collaborated with West Virginia University and Marshall University to conduct whole genome sequencing which is used to detect this variant. The confirmed cases are in the north central region of West Virginia.

“While the presence of this COVID-19 variant in West Virginia is not surprising, it’s a good motivator for us to double down on the prevention efforts we’ve had in place for many months now,” said Dr. Ayne Amjad, State Health Officer and Commissioner of DHHR’s Bureau for Public Health. “Now that we have this confirmation, as Governor Justice always says; it’s not time to be fearful, it’s time to be smart. All West Virginians should continue hand washing, social distancing, proper mask wearing, testing, and everyone should get vaccinated when it’s their turn.”

Meigs vaccine update

The Meigs County Health Department will not be taking names for the COVID-19 immunization waiting list at this time due to the large number of individuals on the list who still need the vaccination. The Health Department will call and schedule those on the current waiting list and when that list is exhausted, will begin having citizens self-register via an online registration process which will be announced in the coming weeks. The health department appreciates the community’s understanding as they try to maneuver through the vaccination process in the best way possible.

Gallia County

ODH reported a total of 2,191 cases of COVID-19 (since March) in Gallia County as part of Monday’s update. This is an increase of 19 since Friday’s update.

ODH has reported a total of 46 deaths, 129 hospitalizations, and 2,029 presumed recovered individuals (22 new) as of Monday.

Age ranges for the 2,191 total cases reported by ODH on Monday are as follows:

0-19 — 284 cases (1 new case, 1 hospitalization)

20-29 — 353 cases (3 new cases, 6 hospitalizations)

30-39 — 295 cases (4 new cases, 3 hospitalizations)

40-49 — 313 cases (1 new case, 7 hospitalizations, 1 death)

50-59 — 328 cases (2 new case, 15 hospitalizations, 3 deaths)

60-69 — 279 cases (4 new cases, 25 hospitalizations, 5 deaths)

70-79 — 189 cases (3 new cases, 35 hospitalizations, 12 deaths)

80-plus — 150 cases (1 new case, 37 hospitalizations, 25 deaths)

Gallia County is currently “Orange” on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System map after meeting two of the seven indicators on Thursday.

Meigs County

The Meigs County Health Department reported 61 active cases and 1,366 total cases (1,228 confirmed, 138 probable) since April, as part of Friday’s update. Due to system issues on Monday, updated case data is anticipated to be released on Tuesday.

There have been a total of 33 deaths, 1,272 recovered cases, and 71 hospitalizations since April.

Age ranges for the 1,366 Meigs County cases, as of Friday, are as follows:

0-9 — 50 cases

10-19 — 126 cases (1 hospitalization)

20-29 — 193 cases (1 hospitalization)

30-39 — 170 cases (3 hospitalizations)

40-49 — 200 cases (4 hospitalizations)

50-59 — 190 cases (4 hospitalizations)

60-69 — 199 cases (19 hospitalizations, 4 deaths)

70-79 — 147 cases (23 hospitalizations, 12 deaths)

80-89 — 61 cases (10 hospitalizations, 14 deaths )

90-99 — 28 cases (5 hospitalizations, 3 deaths)

100-109 — 2 cases (1 hospitalization)

To date, the Meigs County Health Department has administered 1,099 COVID-19 vaccinations since Dec. 29.

For more data and information on the cases in Meigs County visit .

Meigs County remained “Red” on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System after meeting three of the seven indicators on Thursday.

Mason County

DHHR reported 1,757 total cases (since March) for Mason County in the 10 a.m. update on Monday, 11 more than Friday. Of those, 1,711 are confirmed cases and 46 are probable cases. DHHR has reported 36 deaths in Mason County.

According to DHHR, the age ranges for the 1,757 COVID-19 cases reported in Mason County are as follows:

0-9 — 40 cases (plus 2 probable cases)

10-19 — 141 cases (plus 3 probable case)

20-29 — 297 cases (plus 10 probable cases, 1 new confirmed case)

30-39 — 292 cases (plus 10 probable cases, 2 new confirmed cases)

40-49 — 252 cases (plus 9 probable cases, 1 new confirmed case)

50-59 — 257 cases (plus 2 probable cases, 3 deaths, 2 new confirmed cases)

60-69 — 221 cases (plus 5 probable case, 6 deaths, 2 new confirmed cases)

70+ — 211 cases (plus 5 probable cases, 27 deaths, 3 new confirmed cases)

On Monday, Mason County was designated as “green” on the West Virginia County Alert System map. Mason County’s latest infection rate was 9.16 on Monday with a 2.15 percent positivity rate. Mason County had been gold and yellow in recent days. Surrounding counties are green and orange.


The Ohio Department of Health reported a 24-hour change of 1,611 new cases on Monday (21-day average of 2,681). There were 58 new deaths (21-day average of 269), 120 new hospitalizations (21-day average of 145) and 16 new ICU admissions (21-day average of 16) reported in the previous 24 hours, according to Monday’s update.

West Virginia

As of the 10 a.m. update on Monday, DHHR is reporting a total of 129,854 cases with 2,263 deaths. There was an increase of 799 cases from Friday, and 238 in the last 24 hours, and 25 new deaths. DHHR reports a total of 2,119,158 lab tests have been completed, with a 5.51 cumulative percent positivity rate. The daily positivity rate in the state was 4.84 percent. There are 8,795 currently active cases in the state.

DHHR reported on Monday 269,670 first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered to residents of West Virginia. So far, 166,272 people have been fully vaccinated.

Sarah Hawley and Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham contributed to this story.

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UK Variant reported in W.Va.

Staff Report