WVa private school savings account bill sent to committee

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A West Virginia bill to allow publicly funded savings accounts for students to attend private schools has been sent to a House finance committee a day after passing the full chamber.

The bill was sent to the House finance committee on Friday. Delegate Larry Rowe of Kanawha County was among Democrats objecting to the bill Thursday because its fiscal aspects had not been spelled out.

About $77 million was added to the bill’s cost this week when it was changed to allow private and home-schooled students to be eligible for the program in 2026.

The program, named the Hope Scholarship, would put state money into a special account that parents could then spend on private school tuition, home schooling and other educational needs. It would allow private and home-schooled students to participate, pushing the cost to the state to more than $100 million annually. The funding would be capped at $4,600 per child.