For the Record: Marriage licenses, property deeds

Staff Report

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in December in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Nathaniel C. Harbrect, 26 of Gallipolis, Ohio, to Loran R. Baker, 22 of Greenup, Ky. Cody M. Miller, 18 or Apple Grove, to Summer R. McDonald, 19 of Glenwood. Ricky B. Cain, 65 of Mansfield, Ohio, to Pamela E. Defond, 69 of Point Pleasant. Joseph R. Brander III, 36 of Gallipolis Ferry, to Sarah N. Ross, 30 of Gallipolis Ferry. Eric A. Hatfield, 41 of Milton, to Jennifer M. Glilbert, 38 of Milton.

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in December in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

James Tatterson to Braydon A. Ralbusky, Clendenin District. Roger L. Garrett to DG Owner LLC, Town of New Haven. Roger’s Properties LLC to DG Owner LLC, Robinson District. Amy Layne to Bradley H Layne, Town of New Haven. Bradley H. Layne to Beth A. and Frederick G. Weaver, Graham District. Thomas E. Anderson III to Jason T. and Rebecca A. Roush, Town of New Haven. Larry Legg, exec. Raymond E. Runion Est. and Kenny Runion to Larry Legg and Kenny Runion, Cooper District.

Judy K. Williams and Leigh A. Johnson, NKA Leigh A. Rankin-Gillespie to John J. Hayner, City of Point Pleasant. Okey Livingston to Daniel N. Blazer and Katie D. Hall, Cologne District. Linda S. Nelson to Berna J. Darby to Kelco LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Damon J. Gibbs to Damon J. Gibbs Jr., Waggener District. BJB Apartments LLC to Brenton Barnette, City of Point Pleasant. Sarah L. and George W. Gibbs to Charles E. Meadows, Town of New Haven. Sharon L. Hoffman to Mary L. Adams, Graham District.

Breton L. Morgan to Sherri D. and David C. Faber, City of Point Pleasant. David A. Miller to Brandon A. Stewart, Graham District. Jeffery R. Russell to David J. Kimes and Courtney D. Hatfield, Graham District. Rebecca Hudson to David E. and Kendra L. Knapp, Cooper District. Dee A. Gaskins, trs. Beulah D. Pickens Family Trust to Beulah D. Pickens, Clendenin District.

Jesse R. Stacy II and Melissa L. Stacy to Steven W. Burnette and Nellie Burns, City of Point Pleasant. Shane B. Miller to Tonja D. Klingler, Lewis District. Joshua L. and Kathryn R. Stover to Robert E. and Travis A. Yago, Cologne District. Steven Miller and Steven Miller II to Steven D. and Kathleen S. Miller, Cologne District. Olin G. Blain Jr. and Marilyn K. Blain to Jessica E. Spaun, Clendenin District. State Amusement Company to Kyle E. McCausland, City of Point Pleasant. William E. Holley to George Fields, Hannan District.

Jason Young to James and Beverly Chapman, Clendenin District. George D. Walkup to Hannah G. and Austen D. Leathers, Union District. JP Morgan Chase Bank, by atty in fact, Carrington Mortgage Services to Charles L. Christy, Clendenin District. Daphene B. Cochran, by atty in fact, Clifton L. Cochran to Howard R. Stewart and Sheryl L. Goggans, Lewis District. Michael P. Cottrill Jr. to Heather Cottrill, NKA Healther Fields, Robinson District. William R. Brumfield Jr. to Paula Alford, Hannan District.

Lora M. and Jason L. Young to Beth Kearns and Kevin Klingensmith, Town of Mason. Julia M. Davis, FKA Jullia M. Comer to Julia M. and Aaron D. Davis, Waggener District. Amanda Jarrell to Thomas E. Anderson III, Town of New Haven. Garland L. and Sharon A. Martin to Edward D. Smith and Tammy C. Fillmore, Clendeniin District. Randy L. Langdon to Rosella Call, Hannan District. Roberta Dolin to Rosella Call, Hannan District. Craig L. and Christin N. Roush to William M. Hicks and Whitney J. Layton, Waggener District.

Jacqueline L. Roush and Pamela G. Bumgarner to Sarah, Gregory A. and Tammy L. Ross, Clendenin District. Shaun and Melissa Roush to Robert and Judy Holstein, Town of New Haven. Larry J. Whittington to Robert and Judy Holstein, Cologne District. Robert and Judy Holstein to Linda Wilcoxen and Chester L. Blankenship, Cologne District. Travis L. and Trena R. Dawson to Calvin J. and Brittany D. Antill, Cologne District. EIP III West Virginia LLC to Providers Properties LLC, Union District. Ollie Abshire Sr. and Phyllis Abshire to Paul D. Kopp, City of Point Pleasant.

Kelly K. Pinkston to George L. Rulen and Kelly K. Pinkston, Hannan District. James H. Lewis, by atty in fact, Barbara Bordman to Joseph K. Harris, Lewis District. Clayton R. and Irene K. Hesson to Clayton R., Irene K., and Shawn R. Hesson and Teresa S. Krebs, City of Point Pleasant. Joseph A. Davis to Charles Davis, Arbuckle District. Sharon E. Ennis to Sarah P. Ennis, Clendenin District. Sharon E. Ennis to Melanie F. and Danny Ray Stevens II, Clendenin District. Sharon E. Ennis to Gilbert W. Ennis and Melanie F. Stevens.

Sharon E. Ennis to Tyler N. Ennis, Clendeniin District. Sharon E. Ennis to Sarah P. Ennis, Melanie F. Stevens and Glibert W. Ennis, Clendenin District. Joshua S. Cremeans to Charlie W. Hoffman, Hannan District. Larry and Janice King to Charles G. and Rebecca J. Gibbs, Cooper District. Trenton T. Roush to Corey D. Rickard, Waggener District. Dan S. Duncan to Donna Leach, City of Point Pleasant.

Carol J. Belcher heir Gertrude A. Leport, Wanda W. Watterson heir Gertrude A. Leport, Linda Knapp heir Gertrude A. Leport, William Leport Jr heir Gertrude A. Leport, Troy Leport heir Gertrude A. Leport, Wilma McClure heir Gertrude A. Leport to Anthony Neal and Kelly J. Lewis, Arbuckle District. Chris DeWeese to Bryan P. and Lisa A. Locuson, Clendenin District. Beth A. Anderson to Nathaniel Harbrecht, Cooper District. Arnold E. Jefferson to Nathaniel Harbrecht, Cooper District.

Staff Report