Hundreds of ballots cast already

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POINT PLEASANT — With local voters interested in races from president down to the local school board, and all points in-between, early voting numbers have been brisk this week.

Early voting began on Wednesday in West Virginia and in just three days, 584 ballots were cast in Mason County – as of 4:15 p.m. Friday. Poll workers with Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley’s Office reported 194 ballots cast on Wednesday; 181 cast on Thursday; 209 cast on Friday, as of 4:15 p.m.

Early voting continues through Saturday, May 7 and can be done 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays during the early voting period. Early voting takes places on the second floor of the Mason County Courthouse in the County Commission room.

In all, there are around 17,000 registered voters in Mason County.

When those voters do go to the polls, here is a breakdown of candidates in local, county and state races of interest:

Mason County Board of Education (two seats up for grabs): Pamela Jean Muncy, Gallipolis Ferry, District IV. Rhonda Tennant, Letart, District I. John David Morgan, Point Pleasant, District III. Leigh Ann Gardner, Point Pleasant, District III. Vicki A. Ohlinger, New Haven, District I. James “JR” Neal, Gallipolis Ferry, District IV. Mack McCarty, Ashton, District IV. Meagan Bonecutter, Point Pleasant, District III.

Mason County Commission, GOP ticket: Scott Cadle, R-Letart. Matt Roush, R-Letart. Sam Nibert, R-Gallipolis Ferry. Freddie Green, R-Fraziers Bottom. Democratic ticket: Danny Elias, D-Letart. Ray Varian, D-Mason. Rick Pearson, D-Mason.

Mason County Sheriff, GOP ticket: Joe Frank, R-Leon. Curtis “Curt” McConihay, R-Point Pleasant. Democratic ticket: Marc Kearns, D-Letart. Greg Powers, D-Point Pleasant. Jesse Raike, D-Gallipolis Ferry.

Mason County Magistrate: Division One: Cheryl Miller Ross, Point Pleasant. John Machir, Point Pleasant. Division Two: Gail L. Roush, Letart.

Mason County Assessor: Ron Hickman, D-Point Pleasant. Mason County Clerk: Diana Cromley, D-Point Pleasant. Mason County Circuit Clerk: Bill Withers, D-Ashton. Mason County Prosecuting Attorney: Ronald R.F. Stein Jr., R-Gallipolis Ferry. Conservation District Supervisor: Jeremy Grant, Southside.

State Senate, Fourth District, GOP ticket: Dustin Lewis, R-Cottageville. Mitch B. Carmichael, R-Ripley. Democratic ticket: Brian Prim, D-Fraziers Bottom. Bruce Ashworth, D-Ripley.

House of Delegates, 13th District, GOP ticket: Michael Ihle, R-Ravenswood. Robert Marchal, R-Letart. Amanda Cadle, R-Nitro. Kathie Hess Crouse, R-Buffalo. Joshua Kurt Higginbotham, R-Poca. Democratic ticket: Scott Brewer, D-New Haven. Marla “Dee” Ingels, D-New Haven. Rosalee Juba-Plumley, D-Poca. George A. Thaxon, D-Cottageville.

House of Delegates, 14th District, GOP ticket: Jim Butler, R-Gallipolis Ferry. Democratic ticket: Samantha Ann Fooce, D-Point Pleasant.

Circuit Judge, Fifth Judicial Circuit: First Division, Richard Craig Tatterson, Gallipolis Ferry. Second Division, Lora Dyer, Ripley. Kennad “Kenny” Skeen II, Ripley. Third Division, Anita Harold Ashley, Spencer. Seth Harper, Spencer. Larry Whited, Grantsville.

Family Court Judge, Fifth Judicial Circuit: First Division, Connie Fisher Thomas, New Haven. Second Division, Bryan S. Cromley, Point Pleasant.

Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals: Darrell V. McGraw, Jr., Charleston. Wayne King, Wallback. Brent Benjamin, Charleston. Beth Walker, Morgantown. William R. “Bill” Wooton, Beckley.

U.S. House of Representatives, Third Congressional District, GOP ticket: Evan Jenkins, R-Huntington. Democratic ticket: Matt Detch, D-Lewisburg.

Governor, GOP ticket: Bill Cole, R-Bluefield. Democratic ticket: Booth Goodwin, D-Charleston. Jeff Kessler, D-Glen Dale. Jim Justice, D-Lewisburg.

Secretary of State, GOP ticket: Barry Holstein, R-Cross Lanes. Mac Warner, R-Morgantown. Democratic ticket: Patsy Trecost, D-Bridgeport. Natalie Tennant, D-Charleston.

State Auditor, GOP ticket: John “JB” McCuskey, R-Charleston. Democratic ticket: Jason Pizatella, D-Fairmont. Robin Righter, D-Shinnston. Mary Ann Claytor, D-St. Albans.

State Treasurer, GOP ticket, Larry W. Faircloth, R-Inwood. Ann Urling, R-Charleston. Democratic ticket: John D. Perdue, D-Cross Lanes.

Attorney General, GOP ticket: Patrick Morrisey, R-Harpers Ferry. Democratic ticket: Doug Reynolds, D-Huntington.

Commissioner of Agriculture, GOP ticket: Kent Leonhardt, R-Fairview. Democratic ticket: Walt Helmick, D-Marlington.

For those voting in the City of Point Pleasant’s Municipal Election, the following appear on the ballot:

Democratic ticket: Mayor: Jeremy Bryant. City Clerk: Jimmie Wood Jr. Council-at-large: Brandy Barkey Sweeney and Marty Reed. First Ward: Kathy Gardner. Second Ward: Jerrie Howard. Third Ward: Gabe Roush. Fourth ward: Brandon Sweeney. Fifth Ward: Lauren Caldwell-Billiter. Sixth Ward: Cody Lambert. Seventh Ward: Brad Deal. Eighth Ward: Ashley Wood.

Republican ticket: Mayor: Brian Billings. City Clerk: Amber Tatterson. Council-at-large: Janet Hartley and Charles Towner. First Ward: Elizabeth Jones. Second Ward: Robert McMillan. Third Ward: Mary Jane Getty. Fourth Ward: Leigh Ann Shepard. Fifth Ward: Elaine Hunt. Sixth Ward: Olivia Burdette Warner. Seventh Ward: Courtney Hall. Eighth Ward: Rick Simpkins.

Independent: C. Keith Sargent is running for mayor.

Next week, the Point Pleasant Register will profile candidates in contested, local races.

Beth Sergent

Reach Beth Sergent at or on Twitter @BSergentWrites.

Reach Beth Sergent at or on Twitter @BSergentWrites.