‘What’s Happalachenin?’ …Duo creates podcast to celebrate Appalachia

By Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham - [email protected]

POINT PLEASANT — Two Point Pleasant residents and next-door neighbors recently started a podcast to share the stories and beauty of Appalachia.

Gabe Roush and Cody Greathouse, who are both council members in the city, started “What’s Happalachenin?” at the beginning of November. The duo uses their podcast to fight the negative stereotypes they hear about Appalachia.

“Our main goal of the podcast is to show people the true beauty of Appalachia,” Greathouse said. “Some of the people we’ve met and some of the things we’ve done throughout this journey that Gabe and I have been on, it’s kind of all fallen into this whole goal of trying to paint Appalachia as beautiful instead of uneducated people and poverty stricken.”

Roush said they try to be realistic about the topics they’re sharing and acknowledge the issues of the region. In the upcoming episode set to release on Sunday, Roush and Greathouse are speaking with someone who works with those struggling with addiction, mental health and coping.

They both said they would describe the podcast as being in the “leisurely” genre and attempt to add a comedic twist in the episodes.

“Appalachia, when you dig down to the roots of it, is a culture with rich history and passion and caring for each other and our neighbors,” Greathouse said.

For “What’s Happalachenin?”, Greathouse and Roush would like to speak to people who do positive things for the region “in just about every corner of Appalachia.”

They also have hopes for the future to include additional content, such as videos.

The podcast, which currently has listeners across the country and even one download in Japan, uploads a new episode every Sunday at 8 a.m. Listeners can find “What’s Happalachenin?” on Apple Podcast, Spotify and most podcast platforms.

Greathouse and Roush said they welcome questions and ideas or topics for future episodes. They can be reached on the “What’s Happalachenin?” Facebook page or at [email protected]

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By Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham

[email protected]

Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (304) 675-1333, ext. 1992.

Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (304) 675-1333, ext. 1992.