COVID-19 death reported in Gallia County … Latest data from Gallia, Mason and Meigs

Latest data from Gallia, Mason and Meigs

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OHIO VALLEY — One additional COVID-19 related death was reported in Gallia County on Wednesday.

The Ohio Department of Health and Gallia County Health Department reported one new death, two new hospitalizations and 34 new cases in the county as part of Wednesday’s update.

The West Virginia DHHR reported 12 new cases on Wednesday in Mason County.

Local schools

Buckeye Hills Career Center reported five confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the center, including the adult education division, Supt. Jamie Nash stated in a letter posted to Facebook on Tuesday evening. Cases since Jan. 4 at the center include: secondary education, one student, two staff; adult education, one student, one staff.

In a pair of letters posted to the Meigs Local School District website, Supt. Scot Gheen reported, “either a Meigs Intermediate staff member, student(s), or service provider have either tested positive for COVID-19 or have been placed in quarantine due to direct contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus,” and “either a Meigs Middle School staff member, student(s), or service provider have either tested positive for COVID-19 or have been placed in quarantine due to direct contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.”

The Meigs Local COVID-19 dashboard lists four active faculty/staff cases, as well as 10 recovered faculty/staff, seven recovered in person students and two recovered remote students.

Here’s a closer look at coronavirus cases across our area:

Gallia County

ODH reported a total of 1,781 total cases of COVID-19 (since March) in Gallia County as part of Wednesday’s updates. This is an increase of 34 since Tuesday’s update.

ODH and the Gallia Health Department have reported a total of 24 deaths (1 new), 103 hospitalizations (2 new), and 1,427 presumed recovered individuals (28 new) as of Wednesday.

Age ranges for the 1,781 total cases reported by ODH on Wednesday are as follows:

0-19 — 227 cases (5 new cases, 1 hospitalization)

20-29 — 302 cases (2 new cases, 1 new hospitalizations, 6 total hospitalizations)

30-39 — 242 cases (6 new cases, 3 hospitalizations)

40-49 — 272 cases (5 new cases, 4 hospitalizations)

50-59 — 254 cases (2 new cases, 9 hospitalizations)

60-69 — 215 cases (8 new cases, 20 hospitalizations, 3 deaths)

70-79 — 150 cases (4 new cases, 1 new hospitalization, 27 total hospitalizations, 9 deaths)

80-plus — 117 cases (33 hospitalizations, 1 new death, 12 total deaths)

Gallia County is currently “Orange” on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System map after meeting two of the seven indicators on Thursday.

Meigs County

The Meigs County Health Department reported 117 active cases, and 954 total cases (892 confirmed, 62 probable) since April in an update on Tuesday. There have been a total of 820 recovered cases, 52 hospitalizations and 17 deaths since April.

Age ranges for the 954 Meigs County cases, as of Tuesday, are as follows:

0-9 — 29 cases

10-19 — 87 cases

20-29 — 140 cases (1 hospitalization)

30-39 — 129 cases (3 hospitalizations)

40-49 — 146 cases (2 hospitalizations)

50-59 — 138 cases (3 hospitalizations)

60-69 — 125 cases (13 hospitalizations, 3 deaths)

70-79 — 99 cases (16 hospitalizations, 4 deaths)

80-89 — 42 cases (8 hospitalizations, 7 deaths)

90-99 — 16 cases (5 hospitalizations, 3 deaths)

100-109 — 1 case (1 hospitalization)

For more data and information on the cases in Meigs County visit .

Meigs County remained “Red” on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System after meeting two of the seven indicators on Thursday.

Mason County

DHHR reported 1,120 total cases (since March) for Mason County in the 10 a.m. update on Wednesday morning, 12 more than Tuesday. Of those, 1,087 are confirmed cases and 33 are probable cases. DHHR has reported 17 deaths in Mason County.

According to DHHR, the age ranges for the 1,120 COVID-19 cases DHHR is reporting in Mason County are as follows:

0-9 — 19 cases

10-19 — 96 cases (plus 2 probable cases, 5 new confirmed cases)

20-29 — 178 cases (plus 6 probable cases (1 new), 4 new confirmed case)

30-39 — 124 cases (plus 6 probable case, 1 new confirmed case)

40-49 — 162 cases (plus 6 probable cases, 3 new confirmed cases)

50-59 — 180 cases (plus 4 probable cases, 2 deaths)

60-69 — 161 cases (plus 5 probable case, 3 death, 4 new confirmed cases)

70+ — 167 cases (plus 4 probable cases, 12 deaths)

On Wednesday, Mason County remained “red” on the West Virginia County Alert System map. Mason County’s latest infection rate was 58.72 on Wednesday, with a 8.25 percent positivity rate. Surrounding counties are red. All counties in West Virginia were “red” on Tuesday, except for eight, which were “orange.”


The Ohio Department of Health reported a 24-hour change of 7,814 new cases on Wednesday (21-day average of 7,526). There were 121 new deaths (21-day average of 76), 454 new hospitalizations (21-day average of 320) and 43 new ICU admissions (21-day average of 34) reported in the previous 24 hours, according to Wednesday’s update.

West Virginia

As of the 10 a.m. update on Wednesday, DHHR is reporting a total of 94,678 cases with 1,481 deaths. There was an increase of 1,516 cases from Tuesday and 39 new deaths. DHHR reports a total of 1,570,248 lab test have been completed, with a 5.18 cumulative percent positivity rate. The daily positivity rate in the state was 11.65 percent. There are 27,626 currently active cases in the state.

DHHR reported on Tuesday that 60,933 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered to residents of West Virginia. So far, 109,440 doses have been received by the state.

Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham and Sarah Hawley contributed to this story.

(Editor’s Note: Statistics reported in this article are tentative and subject to change. This was the information available at press time with more to be added as it becomes available.)

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Latest data from Gallia, Mason and Meigs

Staff Report