Mason filing period begins Monday

By Mindy Kearns - Special to the Register

MASON — Those wishing to seek office in the Town of Mason municipal election will be able to file their intentions beginning on Monday.

The filing period for the June 8 election will continue through Jan. 30. Offices to be filled are mayor, recorder, and five council members.

To run for office, a potential candidate must be 18 years old on election day, be a resident of Mason, and not be under conviction of a felony. Candidate applications can be obtained by calling the town hall at 304-773-5200.

The filing fee for the position of mayor is $104. The mayor is not considered a full-time position, and is paid an annual salary of $10,400. The recorder is also considered a part-time position, and is paid $3,000 yearly, with a filing fee of $30. The fee to run for a seat on town council is $6, and members generally receive $600 annually.

The recorder’s duties have changed somewhat in the past year, with the current council separating the positions of recorder and treasurer. Previously, both positions were held by the person elected as recorder. Since the separation, the recorder is now responsible for attending meetings, and taking and maintaining minutes; signing weekly checks; placing legal ads in the newspaper as necessary; and is in charge of the election.

Mason’s present administration consists of Mayor Donna Dennis, Recorder Harley Stewart, and council members Marty Yeager, Becky Pearson, Sharon Kearns, Sarah Stover, and Steve Ohlinger. While Stewart said she is not going to seek reelection, Dennis said she is undecided at this time if she will seek another term as mayor.

Those elected on June 8 will take office on July 1 for a two-year term.

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By Mindy Kearns

Special to the Register