Two COVID deaths reported in Mason County … Latest data from Gallia, Mason and Meigs

Latest data from Gallia, Mason and Meigs

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OHIO VALLEY — Numerous new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Gallia, Mason and Meigs Counties over the long weekend, as well as two deaths in Mason County.

In Gallia County, the Ohio Department of Health reported 55 cases between Thursday’s update and Monday’s update. This brings the total count since March to 1,723 cases in Gallia County.

In Mason County, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) reported 60 cases since Thursday, and two deaths, which were reported by the West Virginia DHHR on Saturday.

The Meigs County Health Department reported 39 new confirmed cases and seven new probable cases between Jan. 1-4. This brings the active case total to 103 cases.

Local Schools

As students in Eastern Local returned to classes via remote learning on Monday, the district reported two COVID-19 cases at the high school either among students and/or staff.

“Upon learning of this information, the Eastern Local School District has been in direct communication with personnel from the Meigs County Health Department who are working through the process of contact tracing,” read the letter from Supt. Steve Ohlinger.

The district had also reported a case at the middle school on Dec. 30.

Here’s a closer look at coronavirus cases across our area:

Gallia County

ODH reported a total of 1,723 total cases of COVID-19 (since March) in Gallia County as part of Monday’s updates. This is an increase of 55 since Thursday’s update.

ODH and the Gallia Health Department have reported a total of 23 deaths, 100 hospitalizations, and 1,371 presumed recovered individuals (114 new) as of Monday.

Age ranges for the 1,723 total cases reported by ODH on Monday are as follows:

0-19 — 220 cases (3 new cases, 1 hospitalization)

20-29 — 297 cases (12 new cases, 5 hospitalizations)

30-39 — 232 cases (9 new cases, 3 hospitalizations)

40-49 — 261 cases (12 new cases, 4 hospitalizations)

50-59 — 245 cases (6 new cases, 9 hospitalizations)

60-69 — 207 cases (8 new cases, 20 hospitalizations, 3 deaths)

70-79 — 144 cases (2 new cases, 26 hospitalizations, 9 deaths)

80-plus — 117 cases (3 new cases, 32 hospitalizations, 11 deaths)

Gallia County is currently “Orange” on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System map after meeting two of the seven indicators on Thursday.

Meigs County

The Meigs County Health Department reported 39 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and seven new probable cases from Jan. 1-4 in an update on Monday. A total of 23 new recovered cases were also announced.

These cases of COVID-19 bring Meigs County to 103 active cases, and 940 total cases (880 confirmed, 60 probable) since April. There have been a total of 820 recovered cases, 52 hospitalizations and 17 deaths since April.

Age ranges for the 940 Meigs County cases, as of Monday, are as follows:

0-9 — 29 cases (2 new cases)

10-19 — 85 cases (3 new cases)

20-29 — 139 cases (6 new cases, 1 hospitalization)

30-39 — 127 cases (12 new cases, 3 hospitalizations)

40-49 — 145 cases (6 new cases, 2 hospitalizations)

50-59 — 133 cases (7 new cases, 3 hospitalizations)

60-69 — 123 cases (4 new cases, 13 hospitalizations, 3 deaths)

70-79 — 99 cases (5 new cases, 16 hospitalizations, 4 deaths)

80-89 — 41 cases (1 new case, 8 hospitalizations, 7 deaths)

90-99 — 16 cases (5 hospitalizations, 3 deaths)

100-109 — 1 case (1 hospitalization)

For more data and information on the cases in Meigs County visit .

Meigs County remained “Red” on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System after meeting two of the seven indicators on Thursday.

Mason County

DHHR reported 1,091 total cases (since March) for Mason County in the 10 a.m. update on Monday, 60 more than Thursday. Of those, 1,060 are confirmed cases and 31 are probable cases. DHHR has reported 17 deaths in Mason County. Two of these deaths were reported by DHHR on Saturday — a 92-year-old female and a 77-year-old male.

According to DHHR, the age ranges for the 1,031 COVID-19 cases DHHR is reporting in Mason County are as follows:

0-9 — 19 cases (1 new confirmed case)

10-19 — 91 cases (plus 1 new probable case, 5 new confirmed cases)

20-29 — 173 cases (plus 5 probable cases, 9 new confirmed cases)

30-39 — 120 cases (plus 7 probable case (2 new), 6 new confirmed cases)

40-49 — 157 cases (plus 6 probable cases, 5 new confirmed cases)

50-59 — 180 cases (plus 3 probable cases, 2 deaths, 17 new confirmed cases)

60-69 — 154 cases (plus 4 probable case (1 new), 3 death, 7 new confirmed cases)

70+ — 166 cases (plus 5 probable cases, 12 deaths, 6 new confirmed cases)

On Monday, Mason County was designated as “orange” on the West Virginia County Alert System map. Mason County’s latest infection rate was 57.65 on Monday (up from 50.64 on Thursday), with a 7.42 percent positivity rate. Surrounding counties are red.


The Ohio Department of Health reported a 24-hour change of 5,942 new cases on Monday (21-day average of 7,468). There were 67 new deaths (21-day average of 76), 314 new hospitalizations (21-day average of 326) and 45 new ICU admissions (21-day average of 37) reported in the previous 24 hours, according to Monday’s update.

West Virginia

As of the 10 a.m. update on Monday, DHHR is reporting a total of 91,886 cases with 1,396 deaths. There was an increase of 6,552 cases from Thursday (828 in the past 24 hours) and 58 new deaths. DHHR reports a total of 1,548,855 lab test have been completed, with a 5.07 cumulative percent positivity rate. The daily positivity rate in the state was 13.81 percent, up from 5.54 percent on Thursday. There are 27,362 currently active cases in the state.

DHHR reported on Monday that 52,221 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered to residents of West Virginia. So far, 103,375 doses have been received by the state.

Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham and Sarah Hawley contributed to this story.

(Editor’s Note: Statistics reported in this article are tentative and subject to change. This was the information available at press time with more to be added as it becomes available.)

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Latest data from Gallia, Mason and Meigs

Staff Report