Mason County Memories… ‘Tis the season

By Chris Rizer - Special to the Register

Christmas. It’s that magical time of year when dreams come true, when communities and families come together. In any usual year, churches hold their Christmas Eve services, reminding folks of the reason for the season, and families spend quality time together visiting local light shows, baking Christmas cookies, and putting up decorations. It’s a bit different this year, but often I find that much of the holiday magic comes from within and adapt we must.

If you’re religious, several local churches are conducting online services on social media and other platforms, and my favorite thing about that is that you can re-watch the sermons multiple times if you’d like.

As for decorating and the holiday spirit, all of the local light shows are still open as drive-thru displays, New Haven and Mason have decorated their city parks, and downtown Point Pleasant is looking absolutely lovely with its abundance of Christmas trees, festive storefront displays, wreaths, and garlands. If any of this snow would stick, Main Street would feel like a Hallmark movie!

Speaking of Main Street, all of our local businesses are still open, provided you wear a mask and social distance. With almost three dozen businesses on Main Street offering everything from haircuts to home décor to exotic animals, I guarantee you can find something for everyone on your Christmas list! I know I’ll be doing some Christmas shopping downtown this weekend, and knowing how I usually am, probably some last-minute shopping next week, too.

To even be able to say that… When I was little, and I’m sure many of my readers laugh at a 22-year-old talking about when he was younger, old snippets from the Weekly Register like “Call at Friedman and Co’s, and get your wife and daughter a new dress for Christmas” or “Our readers will bear in mind that Mrs. Vollert has the finest lot of Christmas candies in town” seemed like distant memories. Shopping wasn’t what came to mind when it came to downtown Point Pleasant, or Pomeroy either, for that matter.

Sure, businesses like Siders Jewelers and Weaving Stitches have been around for a while, so there were definitely some things you could get on Main Street. Now to be able to find something for everyone on my list, men and women and young and old alike, is certainly encouraging. So, this holiday season, if you still have shopping to do, take a stroll downtown. I’m certain you’ll find something for a friend or loved one, and you’ll be supporting local businesses in the process.

Now, it’s almost Christmas, and there are pumpkin cookies to bake! From the Historical Society and my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

No article next week or the week after as we celebrate Christmas and the New Year. The next Mason County Memories column will be in the January 9th edition of the Register.

By Chris Rizer

Special to the Register

Chris Rizer is president of the Mason County Historical and Preservation Society, reach him at [email protected]

Chris Rizer is president of the Mason County Historical and Preservation Society, reach him at [email protected]