For the Record: Marriage licenses, property deeds

Staff Report

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in November in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Cody J. Hill, 30 of West Columbia, to Malinda G. Phillips, 29 of Reagan, Tenn. Kenly M. Gallion, 18 fo Point Pleasant, to Nikole A. Smith, 22 of Point Pleasant. Wesley S. Lester, 33 of Vinton, Ohio, to Amber D. Muncy, 23 of Vinton. Brian J. Nutter, 40 of Point Pleasant, to Jami L. Shobe, 42 of Point Pleasant.

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in November in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Roger and Olivia Deweese to Lana C. Mayes, Clendenin District. Soul Harvest Church, trs., Eric D. and Lisa K. Barnitz to Northbend Church Inc., Town of Mason and Waggener District. Kenneth E. Kearns, Sr. and Delores I. Kearns to Connie A. Kearns, Kenneth E. Kearns Jr. and Conley D. Dudley III, Waggener District. Eva Anderson to Donald Roach, Town of Hartford. W.Va. Housing Development Fund to Lanita Clonch, Town of Mason. Genia L. Campbell to Fred A. and Kim S. Hedrick, Arbuckle District. Marie A. Dimsdale, F.K.A. Marie A. Griffith to David Dean, Brandon Abboud and Nicole Abboud, Hannan District.

Aracoma Ready Mick Inc., DBA, Cardinal Concrete Co. to Wells Building LLC, Union District. Nancy J. Jackson, revocable inter vivos trust, Monte H. Bass trs. to Denver L. and Janet F. Hill, City of Point Pleasant. C. Roger Sharps, living trust to Keith and Valerie Kirkpatrick, union District. Joyce A. Hall to Angela L. Curfman, Lewis District. G. Russell Rollyson Jr, appointee WV Auditor and Ernest Stapleton to Robert and Hellen Keyser, Hannan District. David J. Kimes to John C. Ewing II, Town of New Haven. Judith E. Couper to Catherine T. Anderson, City of Point Pleasant.

Sarah L. Gibbs, by atty in fact, George W. Gibbs, Lora M. Circle, FKA Lora M. Davis, Jarred Circle, Paul C. Pierce, Mary B. Young and Joshua Young to Lucas A. Litchfield, Waggener District. Jeremy Hamm to Dakota Sammut, Mary B. Preston and Calvin Preston, City of Point Pleasant. Mary R. Schafer, Elizabeth A. Rayburn and Jacqueline L. Bechtle to David A. McCutcheon, City of Point Pleasant. Jane L. Legg, by atty in fact Lora J. Kidwell to Kevin L. and Nicholas L. Hughes, Hannan District. Agnes A. Roush and Alicia Jacobs to Brian M. and Melinda A. Hall, Robinson District. Adam C. and Anna L. Frazier to Matthew Tucker, Robinson District.

Tony D. and Heather M. Harmon to Christopher W. Harmon and Adrianna D. McCoy, Lewis District. Brian M. Hall to Tony D. and Heather M. Harmon, City of Point Pleasant. Jennia L. Edwards to Christopher N. Carper and Kayla L. Pearson, City of Point Pleasant. David L. and Tabitha B. Hardwick to K’Tayona Garnes, Graham District. Kasey A. and Adam W. Wise to Linda L. and Terrence N. Dennis II, Robinson District. Pamela S. Stearns and Kenneth P. Rorrer to Colton L. Stover, City of Point Pleasant. Ralph Grimm Jr. to Aaron B. and Courtney J. Card, City of Point Pleasant.

Kim Robinson, AKA Helen K. Robinson to Aaron B. and Courtney J. Card, City of Point Pleasant. Neil E. and Tara R. Whaley to Brock T. and Rebecca R. McClung, Graham District. John W. and Gloria J. Grate to Harold Meadows, Town of Mason. Kathleen A. McDaniel Thompson to Miranda Coe and Jonathan Peterson, Robinson District. Jonathan C. Peterson and Miranda M. Coe to Gracie and Travis L. Sexton, City of Point Pleasnat. James R. and Martha E. Baird to Randall C. and Diana L. Hall, Clendenin District.

Matthew E. and Kari L. McCarthy to Rebecca F. Bell and Brian C. Tolbert, City of Point Pleasant. Bruner Land Company Inc. to Brett R. Slack and Sandy A. Daidone, Clendenin District. Michael B. Cooper to Joseph A. and Charlene A. Jones, City of Point Pleasant. William R. Mattox Jr. to Adam W. and Kasey A. Wise, Robinson District. Danny L. Hoffman to Dean E. Kessler and Betty Triplett, Robinson District. John W. and Gloria J. Grate to Brian and Amy O’Neill, Town of Mason. Jeffery L. and Dianna L. Gibbs to Alvin and Tobie Peachey, Waggener District.

Kelly A. Smith and Corinne K. Good to Joseph R. and Rachael N. Martin, Robiinson Distict. Dakota A. Sammut to Brett N. Johnson, City of Point Pleasant. Jonathan M. Bias to John S. and Lori L. Cochran, Cooper District. Rhonda R. Wood to Russell L. Wood, Graham District. Barbara J. Chastain, Thomas W. Bumgarner, Roger L. Bumgarner, Lori D. Miller, Stephen D. Miller, Zachariah L. Harris Jr., Katrinka V. Hart Harris, Bradley K. Bumgarner, and Ana Bumgarner to Thomas J. and Lois A. Bumgarner, Waggener District. Thomas J. and Lois A. Bumgarner to Bradley H. Layne, Waggener District.

Tamara R. Dawson to Nikki White, James F. White and Shane Nickels, Town of Hartford. Crystal L. Bonecutter, Brian S. and Paula R. King, Cooper District. Kimberly K. and John R. Lewis to Stacey D. and Orville L. Phillips Jr, Clendenin District. Davis L. Diddle to Bethany L. Diddle, Robinson District. Tonia L. Worley to Tomma J. Ranegar, City of Point Pleasant. Ray Ellison Grandchildren Trust to Peregrine Legacy Fund, LLC. Amy A Roush to Olivia A. Deweese, Clendenin District.

Serestew Inc to Steven S. Frye, Graham District. Sharon L. Jarvis to Carrie J. and Michael W. Miller II, Town of New Haven. James R., Barbara M. and Rebecca L. Mitchell to James R. and Barbara M. Mitchell, Lewis District. Marylee I Bendig, FKA Marylee I. Forbis to Cheryl D. Leslein, FKA Cheryl D. Forbis, Union District. Troy P. Akers to Nathan S. Akers, Lewis District. C. Dallas Kayser to Bernadine B. Kayser, City of Point Pleasant.

Martha L. Kayser to Bernadine B. Kayser, City of Point Pleasnat. Robert A. Kayser Jr. to Bernadine B Kayser, City of Point Pleasant. Bernadine B. Kayser to Katelyn R. and Tyler C. Garden, City of Point Pleasant. Jordan P. Smith to David L. and Tabitha B. Hardwick, Town of New Haven. Debra K. Zuspan to Charles H. Zuspan Jr., Robinson District. Floyd E. Rayburn to Jonathan D. and Krista L. Cummings, Cooper District. Willard and Carlene S. Jeffers to Laurie S. and Eric L. McDade, Hannan District.

Diana L. and Blair Windon and Angela L. and James Parker to Raeline N. Reeves, Graham District. Jerry A. and Janesetta Walker to Lana C. Mayes, Clendenin District. Donna K. Watterson to Russell W. Watterson, Hannan District, Sherley Miller to Justine, William and Joyce Mahan, Cooper District. Larry and Lana Call to Richard and Margaret Ward, Steve’s Properties LLC to Shane B. Blain, Arbuckle District.

Debra A. Roush Beckette to Jesse W. Howard and Jennifer L. Roush-Howard, Graham District. Michael W. Workman to Jesse W. Howard and Jennifer L. Roush-Howard, Town of Hartford. William R., John M., Alex S., Robert W., Eric D., Jeffrey A. Barnitz to BJV LLC, Waggener District. Brian A. Hoffman to Brian A. and Sherill A. Hoffman, Town of New Haven. Lillian M. Lloyd to Lillian M. Lloyd, Catherine D. Bush and Chelsie N. Bush, Arbuckle District. Joseph P. and Larry J. Whittington to Michael W. Means Jr. and Lesa M. Means, union District. Anita R. Hoffman, FKA Anita R. Roush and Tiffany Legg, to Anita R. Hoffman, Cooper District.

Staff Report