Latest case counts; Meigs remains ‘Red’

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OHIO VALLEY — On Thursday, Meigs County remained in the “Red” while double-digit increases in new cases of COVID-19 were reported across the tri-county area and Ohio’s statewide curfew was extended.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) reported 29 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday for Gallia County, totaling 1,195 cases since March. Of these, 496 are considered active.

The Meigs County Health Department reported 21 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, making a total of 670 cases and 188 currently active cases.

The Mason County Health Department reported 17 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday. A total of 727 cases have been in Mason County and currently 230 are active.

Local Schools

Meigs Local Schools will be fully remote until Jan. 11, 2021, Supt. Scot Gheen told Ohio Valley Publishing. Gheen said the decision was made due to the increase in numbers in the school and community. Students were set to return to the classroom next week. Gheen also told OVP, at this time, no changes were made regarding athletics and winter sports are still on schedule.

Extended statewide curfew

On Thursday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced ODH will be extending the 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. statewide curfew until Jan. 2, 2021.

According to DeWine’s office, the curfew does not apply to those going to and from work, those who have an emergency, or those who need medical care. The curfew is not intended to stop anyone from getting groceries or going to the pharmacy. Picking up carry-out or a drive-thru meal and ordering for delivery will be permitted, but serving food and drink within an establishment must cease at 10 p.m.

“COVID-19 is the single greatest threat to the physical well-being of all Ohioans, the mental health of our citizens, and our economic security,” said Governor DeWine. “We must do everything we can to slow down the spread of this virus.”

The decision to extend the curfew was made with input from the medical and business communities with consideration to the economic impact and health care system, according to a news release from the governor.

Here’s a closer look at coronavirus cases across our area:

Gallia County

ODH and the Gallia County Health Department reported a total of 1,195 total cases of COVID-19 (since March) in Gallia County as part of Thursday’s updates. This is an increase of 29 since Wednesday.

ODH reported a total of 78 hospitalizations and 682 presumed recovered individuals as of Thursday. There have been a total of 17 deaths in Gallia County.

Age ranges for the 1,195 total cases reported by ODH on Tuesday are as follows:

0-19 — 168 cases (3 new cases)

20-29 — 192 cases (3 hospitalizations, 2 new cases)

30-39 — 154 cases (3 hospitalizations, 3 new cases)

40-49 — 179 cases (3 hospitalizations, 1 new case)

50-59 — 168 cases (7 hospitalizations, 7 new cases)

60-69 — 155 cases (16 hospitalizations, 2 deaths, 2 new cases)

70-79 — 106 cases (22 hospitalizations, 6 deaths, 2 new cases)

80-plus — 73 cases (24 hospitalizations, 7 deaths, 9 new cases)

Gallia County is currently “Orange” on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System map after meeting three of the seven indicators on Thursday, up from two indicators last week.

Meigs County

The Meigs County Health Department reported 21 additional confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to its news release on Thursday. The health department reports the recovered case total is 471. The department reported an additional hospitalization in the 60-69 year-old age range, bringing the total hospitalizations to 40 since April.

The new cases bring Meigs County to 188 active cases, and 670 total cases (624 confirmed, 46 probable) since April. There have been 12 total deaths in Meigs County.

Age ranges for the 670 Meigs County cases, as of Thursday, are as follows:

0-9 — 23 cases (2 new cases)

10-19 — 57 cases (2 new cases)

20-29 — 104 cases (1 hospitalization, 3 new cases)

30-39 — 81 cases (2 hospitalizations, 4 new cases)

40-49 — 98 cases (1 hospitalization, 5 new cases)

50-59 — 101 cases (2 hospitalizations, 2 new cases)

60-69 — 84 cases (9 hospitalizations, 1 new case)

70-79 — 68 cases (12 hospitalizations, 4 deaths, 1 new case)

80-89 — 35 cases (7 hospitalizations, 5 deaths, 1 new case)

90-99 — 16 cases (5 hospitalizations, 3 deaths)

100-109 — 1 case (1 hospitalization)

There have been seven positive antibody tests in Meigs County. Antibody tests check your blood by looking for antibodies, which may tell you if you had a past infection with the virus that causes COVID-19.

For more data and information on the cases in Meigs County visit .

Meigs County remained “Red” on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System after meeting four of the seven indicators on Thursday, same as last week.

Mason County

The Mason County Health Department announced a total of 727 cases on Thursday, 17 more than Wednesday. Of those, 230 are active and 487 are recovered. There are currently 11 hospitalized cases. There have been a total of 10 deaths in Mason County due to COVID-19.

DHHR reported 721 total cases (since March) for Mason County in the 10 a.m. update on Thursday, 16 more than Wednesday. Of those, 704 are confirmed cases and 17 are probable cases.

According to DHHR, the age ranges for the 721 COVID-19 cases DHHR is reporting in Mason County are as follows:

0-9 — 8 cases (1 new confirmed case)

10-19 — 60 cases (3 new confirmed cases)

20-29 — 98 cases (plus 3 probable cases, 2 new confirmed cases)

30-39 — 74 cases (plus 4 probable cases, 2 new confirmed cases)

40-49 — 113 cases (plus 5 probable cases, 2 new confirmed cases)

50-59 — 123 cases (plus 4 probable cases, 2 deaths, 3 new confirmed cases)

60-69 — 109 cases (plus 1 probable case, 1 death, 1 new confirmed case)

70+ — 119 cases (6 deaths, 2 new confirmed cases)

Mason County continues to be listed as “Red” on the West Virginia County Alert System map and WVDE map. Mason County’s latest infection rate was 89.97 on Tuesday, with a 12.03 percent positivity rate. Surrounding counties are orange and red.


The Ohio Department of Health reported a 24-hour change of 11,738 new cases on Thursday (21-day average of 9,773). There were 111 new deaths (21-day average of 67), 452 new hospitalizations (21-day average of 361) and 31 new ICU admissions (21-day average of 37) reported in the previous 24 hours, according to Thursday’s update.

West Virginia

As of the 10 a.m. update on Thursday, DHHR is reporting a total of 59,695 cases with 921 deaths. There was an increase of 1,233 cases from Wednesday and 20 new deaths. DHHR reports a total of 1,265,329 lab test have been completed, with a 3.98 cumulative percent positivity rate. The daily positivity rate in the state was 6.24 percent. There are 20,160 currently active cases.

Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham and Beth Sergent contributed to this story. Additional information provided by the office of Gov. Mike DeWine.

(Editor’s Note: Statistics reported in this article are tentative and subject to change. This was the information available at press time with more to be added as it becomes available.)

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