For the Record: Marriage licenses, property deeds

Staff Report

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in October in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Kevin W. Bonecutter, 45 of Point Pleasant, to Rhonda J. Rogers, 44 of Point Pleasant. Willie E. Lane, 49 of Mason, to Robin E. Wamsley, 42 of Mason. Cody L. Troy, 20 of Leon, to Chelsea E. Campbell, 20 of Leon. Ahmed A. Alshabassy, 38 of Apple Grove, to Janie D. Kinniard, 43 of Apple Grove. Ryan A. Edwards, 39 of Point Pleasant, to Courtney S. A. Blackburn, 26 of Point Pleasant. David L. Lucas II, 35 of Point Pleasant, to Erika L. Williamson, 33 of Point Pleasant. Brendon J. Ford, 24 of Point Pleasant, to Kiana N. Clayton, 21 of Point Pleasant. Charles J. S. Miller, 20 of Columbia, Va., to Kate L. Flippen, 25 of Columbia, Va.

Nathan S. Bowman, 22 of Letart, to Rebecca A. Musgrave, 22 of Letart. James R. Hatfield, 26 of Gallipolis Ferry, to Abigaile N. Wray, 18 of Gallipolis Ferry. Randie N. Woodall, 25 of Mason, to Breanna D. Colburn, 22 of Mason. Benjamin S. Lebo, 22 of Letart, to Andrea W. Dennen, 31 of Gallipolis, Ohio. Jason S. Stephens, 41 of Point Pleasant, to Nikki L. Bryant, 43 of Point Pleasant. Dennis M. McComas, 41 of Point Pleasant, to Rylie N. Hall, 27 of Point Pleasant. Jacob L. Brooks, 32 of Pomeroy, Ohio, to Danielle N. Walters, 34 of Gallipolis Ferry. Rian P. Finley, 26 of Huntington to Miranda M. Steward, 26 of Glenwood.

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in October in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Tomas J. Howell to Craig A. and Brandi J. Blake, Hannan District. Facemyer Lumber Company, Inc. to Elvis W. Zerkle and Charles N. Zerkle Jr., Waggener District. Sargent Revocable Living Trust to Charles F. and Rebecca J. Sargent, Union District. Carolyn M. Holley to William A. and Carolyn M. Holley, Town of Henderson. Steven R. and Andrea D. Whittington to Rhonda M. Priddy, Town of Leon. Pauline Marshall to Bertha P. Layton, City of Point Pleasant.

SJD Real Estate Company, LLC to Johnie C. and Carla S. Donahue, City of Point Pleasant. Chester L. and Martha J. Cochran to Timothy D. Cochran, Cooper District. Carolyn E. Douthit, Charles D. Douthit and Charlotte A. Oshel to Anthony A. and Megan E. Blessing, Lewis District. Greta C. Calandros to Robert and Christina Morris, City of Point Pleasant. Chester L. and Martha J. Cochran to Diana L. Bateman, Cooper District. Michael S. Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB2 to Betty Bledsoe.

Alicia D. Dean to Alicia D. and Johnathan D. Dean, Clendenin District. EHMP LLC to Ray Ellison Grandchildren Trust, numerous property interests in Mason County. Caroly A. McCoy to Sara Owens, New Haven. Marilyn F. and Donald F. Cantrell to Michael K. Peck, Cooper District. Michelle Henderson to John H. Henderson, Clendenin District.

Michael S. and Aimee J. Duncan to William S. S. and Joni. D. Winkler, Clendenin District. Rock S. Wilson, irrevocable trust, to Barbara J. Patterson, Lewis District. John R., SR., and Cathy L. Hesson to Charles and Theresa Christy, Hannan District. West Virginia Beagle Club, Inc. to Marie A. Dimsdale, fka, Maria A. Griffith, Clendenin District. Eric M. Johnson, succ. trs, R. Douglas Calderwood, succ. trs, Charles L. Scott and Diana M. Scott to Loan Central, Inc., New Haven. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to William W. and Audrey J. Boling, Hannan District.

Olin and Debra J. Stover to John F. and Anita M. Null, Robinson District. US Bank Trust NA trs to james Tatterson, Lewis District. Chester L. and Martha J. Cochran to James H. Cochran, Cooper District. Timothy W. Butler to West Virginia Dept. of Transportation-Division of Highways, Hanna District. Clair L. Cottrill, by atty in fact, Beverly K. Cottrill to Tim-Rock Land Company, LLC. Luther O. Jones Jr. to Christopher and Gayla Hammack, Lewis District. Troy Akers to Edward D. and Kathrine M. Riggleman, Robinson District.

Fred and Tara Landers to Shawn and Melissa Steiner, Hannan District. Carrie Miller to Michael G. Frye, New Haven. G. Russell Rollyson, Jr., dep. comm. del. lands, James Legg and Sammy E. Messer to Elemental Resources LLC, Clendenin District. g. Russell Rollyson, Jr., dep. comm. del. lands, and James Kerwood to H2O Sun LLC, Town of Mason. Angela R. and Charles A. Stanley, Jr., and Teresa L. and Rick Dye to heather N. Phillips, Waggener District. Robert H. Hickel, Connie A. Knapp and Eunice B. Hickel to Benjamin P. Hickel, Town of Hartford.

John S. and Lori Cochran to Jacob T. Fultz, Cooper District. Leigh A. Shepard, aka Leigh A. Baird to Benjamin and Kerri Harbrecht, City of Point Pleasant. Lee A. Keyser to Jenna Barbour, Robinson District. Brenda L. Whittington to Danny J. White, Hannan District. Wayne E. Sanders to Seth B. Canterbury, Robinson District. Pamela Defond, fka Pamela Jobe to Elizabeth R. Segrest, Cooper District.

Randy and Cheryl Sallaz to Charles and Laura Weaver, Waggener District. Ralph and Carletta Camp to Jodi C. Camp, Waggener District. Calvin and Mary B. Preston to Rafael Aguirre, Town of Hartford. Minnie B. Perry to Jeremy C. and Lynda S. McKendree, Hannan District. Reagan’s Trusted Care LLC to Chris D. and Roberta L. Carter, Hannan District. Louis J. and Pamela K. Thompson to Douglas H. and Brandy R. Fields, Cooper Districts. Louis J. and Pamela K. Thompson to Douglas H. and Brandy R. Fields, Graham District.

Kevin S. Roush to Norris Roush, Graham District. Bruner Land Company, INC to Jeffrey D. Gray and Victoria A. Phillips, Union District. Nadine W. Phillips Family Trust, Jane P. Buredette, trs., to Adam and Anna Frazier, City of Point Pleasant. Kelly L. Coulson, Mark A. Coulson, Barbara Baldovin and Leisa Baldovin to Deborah G. Thacker, Hannan District. MGM Development Corp. to Skylar C. Riffle, Town of New Haven. Jesse C. and Brianna N. Johnson to Sarah E. Bumgarden and Skylar A. Dawkins, Graham District.

Jason W. Weaver to Jeremy Bragg, Hannan District. Savannah J. Duncan, revocable living trust, Janey L. Collins and Ralph S. Duncan, trs. to William A. Leport Jr. and Tammy L. Leport. Jane P. Burdette to Sherry J. Flora, Robinson District. George W. and Cathy Hereford to Michael T. and Steven Lovins, Arbuckle District. Oliver W. Herdman to Oliver W. Herdman and Haylie N. Rhodes, Hannan District. Larry J. Whittington, Doris J. Whittington, Lisa McDade, and Timothy McDade to Jeffery A. Wilfong, Hannan District. Marilyn A. Cheesebrew to Carla K. Cossin, City of Point Pleasant.

Dwight D. and Diana E. Gebhardt to Timothy D. and Amanda M. Gebhardt, Hannan District. Cecil Absten Jr. and Susan T. Absten to Dianna Mulinex, Union District. Nancy J. Kearns to John W. Salla, Waggener District.

Staff Report