Voters pass levy, re-elect Handley

By Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham -

POINT PLEASANT — Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley completed the canvass of the 2020 general election on Monday morning.

A total of 11,369 ballots were cast during the election, which is 86 more than the results reported on election night last week. This is a 60.61 percent voter turnout.

As previously reported by the Register, according to the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley, as of Wednesday afternoon, there had been 143 total provisional ballots cast during the general election and roughly 100 absentee ballots that were requested had not been returned as of Election Night. Cromley did report five absentee ballots, which had been postmarked by Nov. 3, were received by her office on Wednesday.

Official results of the 2020 General Election

Results for county races:

County Assessor: Challenger Aimee Duncan (R) received 5,772 votes, Incumbent Ron Hickman (D) received 5,243 votes.

County Commission: Incumbent Rick Handley (D) received 5,547 votes, challenger Thomas “Tommy” Mayes (R) received 5,489 votes.

Prosecuting Attorney: Seth Gaskins (R) received 5,833 votes and Tanya Handley (D) received 5,103 votes.

County Sheriff: Corey J. Miller (R) received 6,119 votes, Ronnie Spencer (D) received 4,004 votes, Robert E. “Rob” Fruth (I) received 917 votes.

Jonathan Blaine received 8,168 votes in the race for Surveyor.

Levy results

Levy to benefit all fire departments, EMS, PSD — 6,703 yes votes, 3,813 no votes.

Results for state and congressional races:

U.S. Senate: Incumbent Shelley Moore Capito (R) 8,421 votes, Paula Jean Swearengin (D) 2,333 votes, David Moran (LBN) 317 votes.

U.S. House: Incumbent Carol Miller (R) 7,745, Hilary Turner (D) 2,910 votes.

Governor: Incumbent Jim Justice (R) 7,519, Ben Salango (D) 2,898, Erika Kolenich (LBN) 262 votes; Daniel P. “Danny” Lutz Jr. (MTN) 126 votes.

Auditor: Incumbent JB McCuskey (R) 7,265 votes, Mary Ann Claytor (D) 3,198 votes.

Attorney General: Incumbent Patrick Morrisey (R) 7,146 votes, Sam Petsonk (D) 3,652 votes.

Treasurer: Riley Moore (R) 5,885 votes, Incumbent John Perdue (D) 4,792 votes.

Secretary of State: Incumbent Mac Warner (R) 6,342 votes, Natalie Tennant (D) 4,516 votes.

Agriculture Commissioner: Incumbent Kent Leonhardt (R) 7,282 votes, Bob Beach (D) 3,215 votes.

House of Delegates 13th District: Jonathan Adam Pinson (R) 3,402, Scott Brewer (D) 2,439 votes, David Ray Caldwell (D) 649 votes, incumbent Joshua Kurt Higginbotham (R) 1,692 votes.

House of Delegates 14th District: Johnnie Wamsley (R) 3,867 votes, and Chris Yeager (D) 1,688.

State Senate, 4th District: Amy Nichole Grady (R) 8,488 votes, Bruce Ashworth (D) 1,704 votes, Loyd Butcher (LBN) 734 votes.

Results for presidential race:

Donald J. Trump (R) 8,491 votes, Joseph R. Biden (D) 2,526 votes, Jo Jorgensen (LBN) 150 votes, Howie Hawkins (MTN) 36 votes.

There are 18,759 total registered voters in Mason County.

Results provided by the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley.

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By Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham