For the Record: Marriage licenses, property deeds

Staff Report

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in September in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Jeffrey B. Blessing, 50 of Letart, to Billie J. Dailey, 42 of Letart. Andrew J. Marsicek, 37 of Livingston, Texas, to Jerrika L. Pettry, 29 of Walton. Nathan A. Rhodes, 26 of Conway, S.C., to Courtney R.M. Shriver, 28 of Conway, S.C. Christopher C. Gue, 29 of Summersville, to Dayna M. Burnard, 29 of Summersville. Jeffery A. Marple, 55 of Letart, to Maribeth Rice, 21 of Letart. Seth T. Riffle, 28 of Point Pleasant, to Hannah F. McCormick, 28 of Point Pleasant. Randy L. Rocchi, 47 of Point Pleasant, to Stephanie D. Holley, 47 of Point Pleasant. Jonathan A.B. Messer, 18 of Clarksburg, Ohio, to Shawnee M. Gilbert, 18 of Clarksburg, Ohio. Homer L. Bonecutter, Sr, 77 of Clarksburg, Ohio, to Shawn M. Gilbert, 50 of Clarksburg, Ohio. Kevin R. Casto, 41 of Leon, to Zara S. Thomas, 26 of Leon. Cheryl A. Bledsoe, 67 of Point Pleasant, to Billie J. Leech, 53 of Point Pleasant.

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in September in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Pleasant Valley Hospital, Inc. to Palmetto Holdings, LLC., Lewis District. Jawaid Latif to Kelsi J. Boyd, City of Point Pleasant. Timothy C. and Sherrie A. Thompson to Matthew and Danni Weaver, Town of New Haven. Mary L. Workman to Michael W. Workman, Town of Hartford. Charles G. and Rebecca J. Gibbs to Vernon and Valnita Clemans, Cologne District. Bryan S. and Jennifer L. Cromley to Donald H. and Joann L. Wellington, City of Point Pleasant. Kyndra K. Chapman to Alisha D. Leonard, Clendenin District.

James M. Spencer and Betty J. Painter Spencer to David K. and Buffy A. Carper, Cooper District. Sandra P. Garrett to Shauna L. Drain-Pearson and Ricky L. Pearson Jr, Cooper District. Caroly L. Parsons Hobbs to Shauna L. Drain-Pearson and Ricky L. Pearson Jr, Cooper District. Christy Partsons Presseau to Shauna L. Drain-Pearson and Ricky L. Pearson Jr, Cooper District. William R. Keefer to Jerry P. and Rhonda K. Smith, Lewis District.

Cherie L. Glass to Terrie L. Jasper to John C. Lambert, Robinson District. Gene A. Peoples to Steven Mark Gooderham, Jr., Cologne District. Casey E. Davis, FKA. Casey E. Snyder to Larry H. and Tammy J. Snyder, Lewis District. Craige S. Lidel to Craige S. Lidel and Kimberly J. Bash, Robinson District. KNL Properties LLC to Nicholas Smith, City of Point Pleasant. Gary S. and Kelly D. Miller to Casey L. Fields, Waggener District. Dana L. and Kendra R. Chapman to Dwayne T. and Connie R. Seprish, Arbuckle District.

Joseph P. Whittington to Travis L. and Trina R. Dawson, Cologne District. Travis L. and Trina R. Dawson to Joshua R. Thompson, Cologne District. Cathy M. and Michael R. Tincher to Megan and Gabriel Muncy, Hannan District. Kapa Farms LLC to Robert C. Kimes, Union District and Jackson County. Nathan S. and CHera N. Gainer to Kristina and Matthew Coenen Sr., Hannan District. Lois Austin to Lois and Richard C. Austin, Clendenin District. Lois Austin to Richard C. Austin, Clendenin District.

Lois Austin to Lois Austin, Richard C. Austin and Mary R. Randle, Clendenin District. Jerry I. Hoke Sr. and Dreama L. Hoke to Daniel L.Hoke, Cologne District. Dogothy, Garth and Andrea Weethee to Robert Weethee Jr. and Rachel Weethee, Arbuckle District. Richard L. and Grace E. Mowrey and Jessica L. Harris est. to Randolph S. and Bobbie J. Flowers, Union District. Darrell D. Holland, by atty. in fact. Alan Holland and Patricia A. Holland to Isaiah J. Pauley, City of Point Pleasant. Audrey J. Cornell aka Audrey J. Boling and William W. Boling to Aaron G. Parsons, Hannan District.

William R. Virginia S. and Carl B. Hussell to Thomas R. Byus III and Kimber N. Byus, City of Point Pleasant. Rashmi G. Kumar to Amazin Properties LLC, Robinson District. Esther L. Casey to Patricia M. Kennedy, Clendenin District. Jason and Alicia Powell to Eric M. and Tiffany N. Collins, Hannan District. Rory J. and Whitney A. Fields to Corey and Candace Miller, Town of Hartford. Corey and Candace N. Miller to Joshua N. and Serena R. Larsen, Town of Hartford.

Church — Heights United Methodist Church, trs. to Hubert Davis, City of Point Pleasant. Kathy K. Bobrowicz to John D. and Destiny A. Kinnaird, Robinson Distict. Maria Selvig to Larry J. Mounts and Vanno Christian, Clendenin District. Lester and Mary Putney to Philip N. Putney, Robinson District. Brian R. and Julia B. Harper to John P. Casaleggio, Lewis District. Elaine Taylor to Sara Gibson, Cooper District. William J. and Thomas L. Stricklen to Ken S. and Terri L. Moore, City of Point Pleasant.

Vickie Bale to Mark Suarez, Cologne District. Donald Leach and Sean McManus, Lewis District. Valerie L. Bernard to Pamela E. Defond, City of Point Pleasant. Christian M. CmCarty to Sumer Waid, Robinson District. Shelly D. Connolly to Terri M. Hentry III, Lewis District. Shane E. and MacKenzie Huffman to Kayleigh N. Kay, Lewis District. Heartwood Forestland Fund IV, limited partnership to Paul E. and Paul A. Sammons, Cologne District.

Vernon Facemyer, aka Vernon Facemeyer, and Mildred M. Facemyer, aka Mildred M. Facemeyer, to John M. Flora, Clendenin District. Kenneth A. Doty, Jr. to Beverly K. Cottrill, City of Point Pleasant. Carol S. Staats to Max L. and Janet F. Staats, Graham District. Stephen Rhodes, by atty in fact. Deborah K. Rhodes to Matthew B. Ash, Cooper District. Ken S. and Terri L. Moore to Russell P. Bergdoll and Amber D. Bartrum, Robinson District. J.D. Shamblin to Brian and Toni Newman, Robinson District.

William D., Anna L., Michael B. and Cindy L. Rawson to Charles M. Towner Jr. and Caitlin P. Towner, Lewis District. Betty J. Willis to Suchit M. Patell, City of Point Pleasant. Aaron Phillips to Brett F. Morris, Clendenin District. Danny R. McKean to Carolyn J. and Mark R. Trautmann, Hannan District. R. Michael Shaw Jr. to Margaret E. and Raymond O. Clark, Cologne District. Martha A. and Raleigh R. Martin to Bryan E. and Irene Martin, Clendenin District.

J. Edward and Barbara J. Dawson to Patricia A. Jones, trust, Union District. TTJ, Inc. to Larry J. Whittinton and Christopher D. Jordan, Lewis District. John S. Holland III and Judith A. Holland to Joshiah D. and Donna M. Surface, Cooper District. Marshall S. Woods to Jeffery and Rachel A. Goff, Cooper District. Richard L. Young and Erma J. Hern to Doma J. Hern, Steven J. Taylor and Jay M. Ridgway, Robinson District. Heidi S. Beegle to Michael L. Connolly, Robinson District.

Rita A Bryant to Roger and Amanda New, Clendenin District. Paul R. Farley to Rebecca A.F. McFall, Lesley W. and Donald R. Farley, Cooper District. Alicia L. Clark, fka Alicia L. Austin Meadows, Kathie L. Austin Padgett, Mary R.A. Randle, Alexander Randle to Loise and Richard C. Austin, Clendenin District. James A. and Rosalie Leonard to Vernon and Mildred Facemyer, Clendenin District. Jeremy R. Perry to Rachel R. Szramowski and Joseph A. Broyles, Cologne District. James D. Weaver II and Lisa A. Weaver to Joshua Bailey, Waggener District.

Staff Report