Point Council approves river museum exterior design… Hears update on Fort Randolph

Hears update on Fort Randolph

By Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham - khawthorne@aimmediamidwest.com

POINT PLEASANT — Point Pleasant City Council recently met for its regular monthly meeting, approving the exterior design proposed for the new river museum.

During the meeting, the following council members were present: Robert McMillan, Corrie Fetty, Paul Knisley, Cody Greathouse, Nathan Wedge, Judy Holland and Diana Hall. Mayor Brian Billings and City Clerk Amber Tatterson were also at the meeting.

Council approved the design for the exterior of the new river museum. The committee, which includes council members and river museum board members, agreed upon a design for the exterior of the building. City Attorney Joe Supple said it is 10,000 square feet and two stories. The building would front with other buildings on Main Street, which will keep with the historical aspects of the city’s downtown area. There will be a courtyard between the museum and the other shops. Supple said the outside of the building will have a plaque to honor Jack Fowler. The interior of the building will be discussed and approved at a later date. The committee is hoping for the museum to be open in September 2021.

Representatives from the Fort Randolph Committee were at the meeting to give updates on events and the summer. Stephanie Alexander said since early July through Sept. 7, the fort had 1,754 visitors. Alexander said the trading post had been successful during the pandemic despite canceling summer events. Alexander said the committee would like to start ordering more tourism items for the trading post, such as branded shirts, cups, etc.

Alexander and Deb Cassady said the two remaining events for 2020 are the Harvest Fest and Christmas on the Frontier. The committee has decided to still hold the events by modifying the exhibits and activities. They said they will not cancel anymore events, but will modify to meet the health department’s guidelines.

Alexander and Cassady said there have been no plans made to work on the roofs of the block houses at the fort. Mayor Billings said the city can not apply for grants for the fort, the fort committee would have to do that. Billings said the city gives the Fort Randolph Committee $2,000 per year and there is $13,000 the city could give the committee for the roofs. Billings said he would get in contact with tourism director Denny Bellamy to see if he applied for grants for the fort.

The city will be putting tarps on top of the houses to protect from some water damage.

Supple, gave the second reading for the stop signs to be placed at 24th Street and Mt. Vernon Avenue, 25th Street and Jefferson Avenue, and Burdette Street and Hughes Street. The motion to approve was passed by council.

Supple spoke to council about laws and ordinances that he reviewed regarding sidewalk repairs. Property owners adjacent to the sidewalks are responsible for repairing them, according to Supple. Tatterson said in the past, if the owners would pay for materials, the city workers would fix the sidewalk.

Tatterson told council that she and Billings authorized the American Legion to hold a 9/11 ceremony at Riverfront Park.

Council approved to appoint Gilbert Shephard to the Historic Landmark Commission from the recommendation from Billings and Tatterson.

Mayor Billings told council he spoke to AT&T about the lack of service in the city because the towers are on the Ohio side of the river. Billings said the representative with AT&T said there are no plans to add any new towers around Point Pleasant. Billings said letters are being sent to state officials to push for a change. Billings said when someone calls 9-1-1, the call goes to Gallia County, Ohio.

Council approved Billings to seek bids for end of the season paving projects.

At the request of the police chief, council approved the purchase of a new police cruiser for a total cost of $44,635.21.

Billings asked council about the annual Battle Days donation. The festival is canceled, but the donation of $1,500 is in the budget, according to Tatterson. Council decided to hold on to the money for the time being.

Billings spoke with council about letters that Supple sent to a resident who is not connected to the city water supply. Mayor Billings said he wanted to take this step-by-step to get the issue solved.

City inspector/street commissioner Randy Hall told council about two dilapidated properties on First Street. Hall said that one is owned by a corporation and will likely be sold this fall due to not having the taxes paid. Hall said he is in the process of finding the owner to the other property by searching deeds at the county clerks office.

Council discussed the geese at Krodel Park. The person in charge of the program to remove them has been out of town for three weeks, according to council. The geese are returning to the park. Billings said he will contact someone to see when he will return to continue work on the project.

City Accountant Shannon Pearson told council she will have a full financial update for the Yak-Shack and Splash Pad at the next council meeting. Pearson said this year was much better than the last.

Council approved to purchase hardware and brackets for hanging flags in the city’s downtown area. The city has new banners from BrandJRNY but are unable to hang them without the brackets. The cost to the city is around $2,500.

Billings said he gave a list of repairs to the sidewalks and streets that were reportedly disrupted from repairs to the gas lines.

Billings said James Alarm Service placed new cameras at several areas of the Riverfront Park and the water office.

The police department selected two people to attend the police academy for 10 weeks to become new officers for the city. The city is expecting two current officers to retire within the next year.

In council concerns,

– McMillian said weeds and grass need maintained around the flood wall and bridges. Billings said he has tried to contact the state about the vegetation at the end of bridges.

-Fetty heard a report from Tatterson about complaints coming to the city office of unleashed dogs. Tatterson said signs will be placed in the area.

-Greathouse requested information on the cost of resurfacing the tennis courts.

-Wedge said a food truck owner reached out to him about having a food truck event in the city this fall. Council discussed this and discussed holding the event at Krodel Park.

-Councilman Dylan Handley was unable to attend the meeting, but sent a few items to Tatterson. This list included reports of noisy motorcycles and ATVs and the riders not wearing helmets. Citizens were concerns of possible accidents. Handley also asked about the possibility of getting disc golf at Krodel with donations from local business owners.

Council approved to move the October council meeting to Tuesday, Oct. 13, due to Columbus Day. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.

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Hears update on Fort Randolph

By Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham


Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (304) 675-1333, ext. 1992.

Kayla (Hawthorne) Dunham is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (304) 675-1333, ext. 1992.