Warner: Over 63K absentee ballots requested

Staff Report

CHARLESTON — On Tuesday, Secretary of State Mac Warner released a weekly update on statewide voter participation in the Nov. 3 General Election.

According to a press release from Warner’s office, this week, the update includes absentee voting data, including the number of absentee ballots requested by voters. More data will become available once absentee ballots are mailed starting Sept. 18, and the early voting period begins on Oct. 21. Updates mid-week are available on the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office social media platforms.

Data as of Sept. 15, 2020:

Total statewide absentee ballots requested: 65,348;

Registered voters: 1,244,450.

Voters may request a ballot online using the absentee ballot application portal, by printing and mailing an application from GoVoteWV.com or by calling or writing their county clerk to request an application form by mail. A directory of county clerks is located online at GoVoteWV.com, or voters may call 304-558-6000 for assistance.

County Clerks will start mailing absentee ballots to voters who have requested them on Friday, Sept. 18. The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Oct. 28, and applications must be received by the county clerk by that date to be accepted.

Oct. 13 is the last day to register or update your registration to vote in the Nov. 3 General Election. For more information on how to vote in the upcoming election, including how to register to vote or update your registration, visit GoVoteWV.com.

Information provided by Secretary of State Mac Warner.


Staff Report