For the record: Property deeds

Staff Report

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in August in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Paul D. Harrison, Leah R. Atkinson, FKA Leah R. Harrison and Susan Sturgeon to Michael A. and Timothy R. Harrison, Clendenin District. Sandra K. Lucas and Richard A. Hall to Anna L. Hall and Brandon Lucas, Lewis District. Richard J. Jordan to Patrick J. Jordan, Clendenin District. Richard and Phyllis Penn to Richard Penn, Phyllis Penn and Tayyler A. Whitt, Mason County. Charles E. and Elizabeth E. Ball to Jarrett L. and Taylor D. Smith, Union District. Monte H Bass, trs. Nancy J. Jackson to Christian McCarty, City of Point Pleasant.

Kenny W. Wroten to Jack B. Vickers, Town of Henderson. Andrew T. Taylor to Bellalane Homes WV, LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Carl M. Kennedy to Logan S. and Tanner M. Kennedy, Clendenin District. Tim-Rock Farms to Tim-Rock Land Company LLC, Clair L. Cottrill and Beverly K. Cottrill, Robinson District. Lenville W. Reynolds to Patricia A. Reynolds, Hannan Distict.

Mario P. and Judaline J. Liberatore to Joseph P. Liberatore, City of Point Pleasant. Teresa L. Dye and Angela R. Stanley to Charles A. Stanley Jr. and Heather N. Phillips, Waggener District. Cecelia A. McKinney to Kevin S. and Crystal G. Roush, Town of Hartford. George T., Matthew C. and Scott A. Greene to Lakin E. Bissell, Town of Hartford. Cindy L. Beckner, aka Cindy Hathhorn to Sherri Smith, Clendenin District. Mole Hill Investments LLC, aks Molehill Investments to Trey J. Smith, Clendenin District.

Southern States Cooperative Inc. to Point Pleasant Ag Services LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Janet L. Deal to Jayme M. Deal, Hannan District. Gary O., Mitchell G. and Gary T. Roush to Brnadon M. and Carrie E. Hankinson, Waggener District. Elizabeth C. Cooper to Shane E. and Mackenzie B. Huffman, Robinson District. Naomi R., Larry W., Kevin and Trenda Jordan to Jordan R. Jordan, Clendenin District. Wendell L. Samson II and Kelli K. Samson to Matthew and Brenda Melvin, City of Point Pleasant. Joseph P. Liberatore to Andrew C. Williamson, City of Point Pleasant.

Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, City of Point Pleasant. Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Dennis D. Weekley, City of Point Pleasant. Jacob E. Hanson to Gwendolyn S. Jarvis, City of Point Pleasant. Nationstar Mortgage LLC, DBA Champion Mortgage Company to Ronald E. Bonecutter Jr, Town of Henderson. Charles S. Dangerfield to Joanna L. Dangerfield, Town of Mason. Carolyn E. Douthit, Charles D. Douthit and Charlotte A. Oshel to Anthony A. and Meghan E. Blessing, Lewis District. Vickie D. Adkins to Nettie L. Adkins, Clendenin District. Point Pleasant River Museum Foundation Inc. to City of Point Pleasant, City of Point Pleasant.

R. Michael Shaw Jr., exec. R. Michael Shaw Sr. to Preston E. and Shane E. Love, Lewis District. Leo R. Thornton Jr. and Karen T. Turley to Donald G. and Tammy L. Maynor, Union District. Victor and Alice Wolfe to Vicki K. W. Ault, Cooper District. Stephen B. Shuler Jr. to Jordan T. and Samantha R. Burns, City of Point Pleasant. Pleasant Valley Hospital Inc. to Claire Cottrill, City of Point Pleasant.

Mario P. and Judaline Liberatore to Ronald W. Durst Jr. and Joan M. Durst, City of Point Pleasant. Bert D. Kisor Jr. and Christina K. Kisor to Melissa and Richard Taylor, Cooper District. Ashley M. VanMeter-Rickard to Jennifer J. Tate, Town of New Haven. Clifford W. Roberson to Marlin C. Barger, Lewis District. Jonathan C. Jeffers to Rachael L. Whittington, City of Point Pleasant. Justin L. Cavender to Thomas A. and Cindy S. Hacker, City of Point Pleasant.

Jerald A. Sprouse, trs. James M. Sprouse Jr. to Lovedy J. Staats, Waggener District. Niles M. Young Sr. and Bonnie L. Young to Jacob T. and Brittany R. Gillispie, Waggener District. Stephanie D. Sheline to John E. and Angela S. Kinnaird, Robinson District. Patricia J. Clark to Joey and Sarah Mayes, Graham District. Nadene M. Pearson to Jason R. McCarley, Lewis District. Pill and Pill PLLC, sub. trs., Davis L. Spears to Joseph A. Pritchett, Cooper District.

Harold F. Clark Jr. and Terri Clark to Kendall R. Roush, Town of New Haven. Kenneth C. Dunn to Kendra L. Dunn, trs. Kenneth M. Dunn Trust, Arbuckle District. Rottgen Family Trust, John M. Jr. and Connie D. Rottgen Co-trs. to Bradley H. Layne, Waggener District. Gordon L. and Michele L. Clark to Bradley H. Layne, Waggener District. Brenda K. Vickers, aka. Brenda K. Russell to Shaina R. Krebs and Jordan P. Smith, Waggener Distrcit. Richard T. and Erin F. Tolliver to Kevin Stiltner, Cooper District.

Robert A. Primel, and Rachele C. Primel, aka Rachele C. Davis to John Mayes, Lewis District. Regena A. Penninton, aka Regena A. Chafin to Elizabeth A. and Kem D. Roberts, City of Point Pleasant. Kathy A. Grimm to James M. and Daniel A. Grimm, Arbuckle District. Carol S. Novak, Stephen F. Novak, Diana S. Halstead and Kenneth S. Halstead to Dwayne and Connie Seprish, Arbuckle District. Belinda S. Wood, Vee A. Smith, Reeca L. Allbright and Robert E. Allbright to Emily P. and John E. Kinnaird, City of Point Pleasant. Randall Gerlach to Helen Rohrbach, Cologne District.

Charles E. Ball, Elizabeth E. Ball, Larry J. Whittington and Doris J. Whittington to Robin Hale, Union District. Mary L. Tompkins to John D. Eads, Cooper District. Robert Harless, aka Roy R. Harless to Roy R. Harless and Peggy R.K. Harless, Graham District. Larry J. and Brenda L. Tarr to Timothy J. and Carey M. Slash. Pleasant Valley Hospital Inc. to Alltek Environmental Services LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Tyler D. Jenkins to Jennifer D. Jenkins, Hannan District. Nicole R. Null to Mark A. and Rebecca D. Plants, Hannan District.

Randy J. and Mary L. Pauley to Eric and Jackie Bowen, Cologne District. Benjamin C. and Kerri L. Harbrecht to John P. Jr. and Wendy C. Snook, Clendenin District. Pleasant Valley Hospital Inc. to Travis B. Lloyd, City of Point Pleasant. Floyd E. and Pamela Hart to Dennis Williamson II, Cooper District.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ronald R. and Sheila D. Williams, Robinson District. Stephen E. Jodon, George C. Jodon, Jeffery A. Jodon, Debra Seymour, Connie S. Conley, and Pamela K. Rhodes, aka Pamela K. Jodon to Ryan and Stacy Jodon, Cooper District. William E. Holley to Tammy R. Mannon and Kendra Pennington, Hannan District. Kenneth M. Dunn Trust to Shawn S. and Carolyn Gaylor, Arbuckle District. Rody L. and Salley R. Harden to Andy Xiao, Robinson District. Johnny L. Jr. and Meliinda J. Lilly to Debora S. Bordman, Johnny L. Lilly Sr. and Ryan Bordman, Waggener District.

Debora S. Bordman, Johnny L. Lilly Sr. and Ryan Bordman to Justin L. and Amber N. Cavender, Waggener District. Kendra L. Dunn, trustee of the Kenneth M. Dunn Trust to Mark D. and Cynthia S. Dickens, Arbuckle District. Wanda and Tamara S. Tolliver to Bryan S. Cromley, City of Point Pleasant. Red Star Towing Inc. to Amherst Madison Inc., Town of Henderson. Marcella M. and Clarence K. Riffle II. to Homer H. and Clarence K. Riffle II, Clendenin District.

Michael W. Miller II and Carrie J. Miller to Charles O. and Stacy R. Kapp, Town of Mason. Patricia A. and Delbert E. Flora III to Yonnie J. and Ralph D. Stover, Clendenin District. Bert M. Grimm Jr., trs. Amy Ansteth Grimm Realty to Douglas M. and Wilma L. Rollins, Cooper District. Brandon Mash to Anthony K. and Patricia A. Young, Union District. Donald L. Livingston to Daniel E. and Patricia J. Holland, Hannan District. Adam L. and Alicia D. Persinger to Logan C. Legg, City of Point Pleasant.

G. Russell Rollyson Jr. appointee WV Auditor, James P and Kathryn E. Denapoli to Montana Sky LLC. G. Russell Rollyson Jr. appointee WV Auditor, Franklin Revocable Trust to Montana Sky LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Jerry L. and Diane M. Bonecutter to Tyler M. and Abigail R. Bonecutter, Hannan District. Charles R. Jones to Charles R. and Connie S. Jones, Clendenin District.

Staff Report