WCD announces funding for program applicants

Staff Report

The Western Conservation District (WCD) has approved the following cooperators for financial assistance through the Agricultural Enhancement Program.

According to a new release, the mission of the WCD is to assist agricultural cooperators with the voluntary implementation of best management practices on local farmland in order to conserve and improve land and water quality. The program offers technical and financial assistance as an incentive to implement practices.

Approved for the Agriculture Enhancement Program (AgEP) practice of applying agricultural lime: David Cole, Jodi Hackett, Ruth Roush, Scott Smith, Michael Vaughn, Joshua Vaughn, George E. Hoffman, Alan Gerwig, Richard Grady, Johnny Kay, Clifton Farms, Hazel Easter, William Zuspan, Robert Edmonds, Dan Foglesong, H&H Farms LLC, H&H Cattle Inc, Evan Hall, Joe Hoffman, Jason Knight, Dencil Sayre, Mark Bias, Eleanor Hoffman, Donald Johnson, John Derrick Watterson, Tim Witt, Dave McClung, Vernon Clemans, Garry Rhodes, John Johnson, Earl Sovine, Joe Supple, Brian Cochran, Timothy Kidwell, Chad Dillon.

Approved for the practice of Frost Seeding: Andy Hall, Max McCoy, Richard Grady, Johnny Kay, Richard Fauver, Brian Cochran, Donnie Ennis, Pleasant View Farm LLC.

Approved for the practice of Pollinator Habitat: Sarah Paxton, Scott Smith, Timothy Kidwell.

Approved for the practice of Water System: Justin Carr, John Green, Jamestown Diary, LLC, Chad Edward Robinson, Brent Sayre, James Hull, Jr., Nicole Dean, Jodi Hackett, Patrick Boggess, John Johnson, Jerod Mount, George C Sommer, Miles Epling, Earl Sovine, James Withrow, District Supervisor.

Approved for the practice of Division Fence: John Green, James Hull, Jr, Donnie Ennis, Alan Gerwig, Dustin Burkhammer, Eugene Williamson, Pleasant View Farm LLC, Tony Knopp, Steve Baker, Jerod Mount, James Withrow, District Supervisor.

Approved for the practice of Exclusion Fencing: Justin Carr, Patrick Boggess, Darrell Mayes.

Practices must be completed and receipts submitted by May 31, 2021.

Information submitted by WCD.

Staff Report