For the record: Point PD activity report, marriage licenses

Staff Report

Point PD activity report

The Point Pleasant Police Department submitted its recent, monthly activy report for August as follows: 44 citations written; seven misdemeanor arrests; one felony arrest; 252 calls taken; 11 accident reports processed; 34 complaint reports filed. The following were arrested by PPPD officers and transported (unless noted, age and address were unavailable): Marty McCann, trespassing, public intox. Roger Dodson, DUI. Thomas Oliver, capias (strangulation). Jonathan Adams, warrant (B&E), possession of meth. Tabitha Campbell, disorderly conduct, obstructing officer.

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in August in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

William R. Bassett, Jr., 24 of Keystone Heights, Fla., to Hannah R. Royalty, 24 of Keystone Heights. Robert S. Brewer III, 31 of Point Pleasant, to Brittany N. Mitchell, 27 of Point Pleasant. Brad A. Watterson, 23 of Apple Grove to Alexandria G. Craft, 19 of Gallipolis Ferry.

Ernest S. Fetty II, 26 of Point Pleasant, to Aleisha D. Taylor, 27 of Point Pleasant. Randall S. DeWeese, 33 of Point Pleasant, to Patricia M. Allen, 22 of Point Pleasant. Joseph B. Kidd, 61 of Apple Grove, to Kimberly A. Oldaker, 58 of Apple Grove.

Cloyd H. Smith, Jr., 73 of Point Pleasant, to Kathy J. Gardner, 63 of Point Pleasant. William E. Park, Jr., 33 of Point Pleasant, to Kendra D. Riffle, 35 of Point Pleasant. Zachary J. Sejan, 31 of Howell, Mich., to Lauren D. Simon, 30 of Howell, Mich.

Staff Report