School officials explain logistics of bus routes

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MASON COUNTY — This week, the Point Pleasant Register has printed the bus schedules for the upcoming school year which is set to begin for most students on Tuesday.

In addition to submitting the schedules to the Register, the Mason County Schools Transportation Department also released the following statement, explaining how busing will operate this year.

“The Mason County Schools Transportation Department will be running two separate bus runs to start the year. Elementary run times should be very similar to last year with each elementary school starting at 8 a.m.

“High schools will start at 9:30 a.m. For high school students, they can plan on bus running times of near one hour later than their normal time from last year.

“Due to the very large number of students who will not be riding buses to start the year, the times listed for the bus routes are merely estimates—due to the current circumstances and so many unknowns in regard to the total number of students who will be riding buses, it is very difficult for Mason County Schools to be able to give any type of definitive time for bus stops. We ask that you please contact your child’s bus driver prior to the start of school for more exact information. The bus driver should be able to better assess their route times during this current situation and provide you with the answers to your questions. We ask for, and very much appreciate, your continued patience as we all move forward together for this new school year.”

Those estimated bus times, routes and contact information for bus drivers can be accessed at under the “news” section, with the story “Mason County Schools bus routes for 2020-21.” Also, routes were printed in this week’s newspapers with Point Pleasant area routes appearing on Tuesday and Hannan/Ashton and Wahama/New Haven routes on Wednesday.

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Staff Report