New COVID cases reported in Gallia and Meigs

By Sarah Hawley and Kayla Hawthorne

OHIO VALLEY — Gallia and Meigs Counties both reported additional COVID-19 cases over the weekend.

The Gallia County Health Department announced two new COVID-19 cases over the weekend, as well as the release of an individual from the hospital and a recovered individual.

Both of the new cases — one announced Friday evening and one Sunday afternoon — are connected to individuals who have confirmed cases. The Friday evening case — a female in her 30s — is connected to a current Gallia County case, while the Sunday afternoon case — a male in his 40s — is connected to a confirmed case from another county.

Gallia County has a total of 22 cases (19 confirmed, 3 probable).

“We urge individuals to practice all necessary safety guidelines, including social distancing and the wearing of facial coverings when not able to social distance,” stated the health department in announcing the new cases.

Current case age ranges in Gallia County are as follows:

0-19 — 3 cases

20-29 — 1 case

30-39 — 6 cases

40-49 — 4 cases

50-59 — 4 cases (2 hospitalizations)

60-69 — 2 cases (2 hospitalizations, 1 death)

70-79 — 2 cases (2 hospitalizations)

Half of the cases are females and half are males. There remains one person hospitalized as a result of COVID-19, with 10 people having recovered.

On Saturday, the Meigs County Health Department reported a confirmed case of COVID-19, the 13th case (11 confirmed, 2 probable) since April. The patient is a female in the 30 to 39-year-old age range and is not hospitalized.

“We urge residents to continue to follow federal, state, and local guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” stated the Meigs County Health Department.

Current case age ranges in Meigs County are as follows:

0-19 — 2 cases

20-29 — 1 case

30-39 — 2 cases

40-49 — 2 cases

50-59 — 2 cases

60-69 — 2 cases

70-79 — 2 cases

The Meigs County Health Department also reported a positive antibody test of a Meigs County resident.

“Though this case is not active our team will still complete an investigation to learn when the individual may have been ill and the circumstances surrounding the illness to gain a better understanding of COVID-19. This case could potentially be changed to a probable through are investigation but is currently listed as a positive antibody test in our numbers,” stated the news release from the health department.

Mason County’s COVID-19 cases have been holding steady since Friday. According to Mason County Health Department Administrator, Jennifer Thomas, there are still 25 total confirmed cases. Of those cases, 19 are recovered, according to statistics from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR). DHHR is reporting one fewer cases than the local department.

According to the West Virginia DHHR, the age ranges for 24 of the Mason County cases are as follows:

10-19 — 2 cases

20-29 — 6 cases

30-39 — 2 cases

40-49 — 3 cases

50-59 — 7 cases

60-69 — 3 cases

70+ — 1 case

In the 10 a.m. update on Monday, DHHR reported a total of 4,259 cases and 96 deaths. These numbers show 276 new cases and one new death since Friday at 5 p.m. The 5 p.m. Monday update from DHHR was not available by press time due to “technical difficulties.”

As of 2 p.m. on Monday, Ohio has a total of 66,853 cases (confirmed and probable) and 3,064 deaths since the pandemic began.

Around the region, Ohio Department of Health statistics show Athens County with 192 cases, with 153 of those active. Lawrence County currently has a total of 92 cases.

On Sunday, the Lawrence County Health Department posted this comment via its Facebook page: “We’re seeing an increase in the number of confirmed cases because of direct contact with someone else who is a confirmed case. If you were in a bar or restaurant in Ironton on/around July 4, please contact the health department, especially if you are symptomatic… the amended dine safe order (also on the health department’s Facebook page) provides a list of requirements which includes all employees wearing facial coverings unless a functional or medical reason not to, no more than 10 people in a party seated together, a floor plan that ensures social distancing (6 feet between tables, or a barrier if distance can’t be met), and customers being seated when consuming food, beer, wine and liquor on the premises of the business. If you’ve been in a place NOT practicing all of these guidelines and you become symptomatic, please make arrangements to be tested.”

Also in Ohio, Jackson County has 31 cases and Vinton County has 23 cases. Morgan County has the state’s lowest case total at 12, while Franklin County has the highest at 12,301.

DHHR reports the following total case numbers in neighboring or nearby counties in West Virginia, as of Monday morning, as follows: Jackson, 148; Putnam, 87; Kanawha, 417; Cabell, 194; Wood, 179.

Beth Sergent contributed to this report.

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By Sarah Hawley and Kayla Hawthorne