For the record: Marriage licenses, property deeds

Staff Report

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in June in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Rocky J. Nelson II, 24 of West Columbia, to Savanna N. McDaniel, 24 of West Columbia. Robert E. Heeman III, 37 of Cottageville, to Ashley M. Dean, 29 of Cottageville. Justin K. Sheline, 32 of Mineral Wells, to Wendie N. Jordan, 31 of Gallipolis Ferry. Christopher D. Berkley, 22 of Gallipolis Ferry, to Courtney R. Lee, 20 of Gallipolis Ferry. Troy A Willis, 56 of Long Bottom, Ohio, to Catherine L. Oldaker, 59 of Hartford. Nicholar S. Russell, 36 of Mt. Alto, to Amy N. Redmond, 37 of Ironton, Ohio. Seth O. Morgan, 22 of Point Pleasant, to Erykah D. Roach, 21 of Point Pleasant. Robert G. Moody, 23 of West Columbia, to Bethany P. Rayburn, 27 of Barboursville.

Ethan D. Carroll, 25 of Proctorville, Ohio, to Kristen A. Deweese, 26 of Gallipolis Ferry. Justin K. Dewitt, 29 of Gallipolis Ferry, to Courtney N. Clonch, 26 of Gallipolis Ferry. Jonathan A. Adams, 26 of Gallipolis Ferry, to Chelsea M. Jeffers, 23 of New Haven. Sean G. Rickard, 33 of Point Pleasant, to Erin M. Pyles, 33 of Point Pleasant.

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in June in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Zella Patterson by GDN/CONS Vicki Canterbury and Mary Witmore to Paul and Dorothy Grimm, Cooper District. James W. and Selena Higginbotham to Dwight M Wine, Union District. Timothy, Sherrie, Matthew and Kendra Thompson to Matthew and Kendra Thompson, Graham District. Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Hannan District. Brandon T. Davis to Christian T. Ball and Ashton N. White, Hannan district. Wanda C. Putney, Joyce A. Oliver and Eric A. Hanning to Toby N. and Ashley S. Martin, Clendenin District. Bryan J. Barnette to BJB Apartments LLC, City of Point Pleasant.

Susan A. Williamson to Leah O. Williamson, City of Point Pleasant. Kerri S. and Brian A. Mondlak to Oliver W. Herdman, Hannan District. Donald K. and Bonnie L. Winter to Jason E. and Elisabeth A. Lloyd, Clendenin District. Alexander D. and Suzanne K. Dickens to Jane P. Burdette, City of Point Pleasant. Aaron Davis to Lora M. Davis, New Haven. Corey A. Roush to Andrea R. Roush, Graham District. John C. Ewing II to Judy Ward, Matthew Ward, Stacy Ball, Phillip Stanley, Waggener District.

Collett Woodland Resources LLC to Duane K. Bowers, Hannan District. Duane K Bowers to Collett Woodland Resources LLC, Hannan District. Darren and Dakota Swann to Dakota S. Swann and Sydney L. Crawford, Robinson District. Jessi C. Hale to Nathan C. Hanna, Robinson District. Wilma K Acre to Darris P. and Carrie L. Wriston, Cologne District. Dennis C. and Linda Holley to Willima K. Holley and Barbara A. Pierson-Angus, Hannan District.

Paul K. Cernek Sr. and Jenny G. Cernek to W&D Rentals, LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Rufus H. and Caroll S. Blake to Deidre Blake and Cameron Richmond, Clendenin District. Claie L. Cottrill Jr., by atty in fact, Beverly K. Cottrill to Beverly K. Cottrill, Robinson District. John M. and Corrie L. Fetty to James E. Fetty, City of Point Pleasant. Roger A. Sturgeon, Kathy L. Gooch and Cara L. Hicks to Roger A. Sturgeon, Joyce D. Sturgeon, Trinity D. Dean and Zachary A. Sturgeon, Hannen District.

Larry D. Adkins to Bonnie L. White, James A. White and Larry D. Adkins, Arbuckle District. Rodney D. and Teresa A. Cossin to Brandon L. Cossin, Union District. Dawn Riggs, Shannon Andrick and Shawn Frasher to Michael H. Ohlinger, Hartford.

Gary L. Clarke and Cynthia J. Worrell to Ryan A. Cossin, City of Point Pleasant. Kelci E. Champagne to William W. Doris Queen, Robinson District. Roy O., Paul E. and Patrick A. Stone to Jacob A. and Vanessa A. Stone, Union District. Clayton R. and Margaret L. Matheny to Joshua C. McPherson and Amanda N. Mullins, Cologne District. James D. Howard and Tracy L. Merico to Kyle C. and Brittany Roush, Hartford. Charles Seymour to Steven K. Linda C. Sansom, Union District.

Robbie and Lisa Adkins to Ira S. and Mary L. McCoy, Hannan District. H2O Sun LLC and DLCA Investments LLC to Toni Givens, Mason. Kenneth R. and Patsy Keebaugh to Angela D. Flint, New Haven. DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. to Stanley L. and Vicki C. Cook, Mason County. Charles L. Hannum to Edward E. Stoffel, Union District. City National Bank of WV to Matthew Gatrell and Stephanie L. Fetty, New Haven and Waggener Districts. Roselyn L. Roush to Mossman Capital LLC, City of Point Pleasant.

George M. and Doris Martin to Deltoon and Brenda Huffman, Cooper District. Karen Rayburn, Sandra Pierson and Barbara Edwards, heirs Maurice M. Pendleton Jr. to Nathan C. Edwards, City of Point Pleasant. Walter W. and Rosetta D. Durst to Loretta Hawbaker and Miranda Roush, Cooper District. Church – Board of Trustees of WV Annual Conference of united Methodist Church to Church – Hickory Chapel Community Church, Lewis District. Brian E. and Brenda K. Johnson to Travis L. Gibbs, Mason. James H., Heidi, James R. and Rebecca J. Anderson to James W. Casto III, New Haven.

Jermyn A. and Jessica J. Queen to Gary and Lucretia A. Wilcoxen, Lewis District. Robert C. Downing to William S. Parsons, Union District. Nytis Exploration Company LLC, Carbon Appalachia Enterprises LLC fka Carbon Tennessee Company LLC fka Carbon Tennessee Mining Company LLC, and Knox Energy LLC to DP Bluegrass LLC, Mason County. Larry J. and Doris J. Whittington to John C. and Brenda L. Bridgers, Cologne District. Racheal M Wyatt fka Rachael M. Warth and Christopher Wyatt to Vincent E. and Nichole L. Weatherstein, New Haven. Justin L. and Jason B. Meadows to Steven J. Baker, Arbuckles District.

Nathan C. Wray, Sean T. Wray and Randal K. Lykowski to Nichols B. Meaige Jr., Robinson District. Barbara A. Miller, Martha E. Baird, Kathy R. Savilla, Treva Dodson to Kody C. and Melina M. Oliver, Arbuckle District. James M. Stanley to Travis A. and Cassie N. Simpkins, Arbuckle District. Larry J. and Doris J. Whittington to Danielle C. Harrison, Cologne District. Helen Bledsoe to Timothy D. Bledsoe and Jean Ethier, Clendenin District. Michael S. and Amy L. Bumgarner to Michael S. Bumgarner, Graham District.

Nancy E. Ball, by atty in fact, Jodeann E. Polcyn to Walter L. and Susan C. Brown, Lewis District. Danny Hackett to Bruner Land Company, Inc., Union District. Timothy C. Mead to Todd W. and Linda S. Donahue, City of Point Pleasant. Home National Bank to Gary Silva, Graham District. Elaine Conrad to Sharolyn Conrad, Hannan District. Rock S. Wilson irrevocable trust to William J. and Helen L. Cremeans, Clendenin District. Thomas E. Cupp to Christopher R. an Katosha S. Noe, Hannan District.

Kenneth R. and Shirley J. McComas to Jessica D. Meadows, Clendenin District. Elizabeth Stewart to Randy Stewart, Lewis District. David L. Cavender trs. Otis L. Cavender Family Trust to Otis L. Cavender II, Kathryn C. Cihil and David L. Cavender, Cooper District. Marilyn Cullen and Temela Thompson to Thomas M. and Crystal G. Mayes, Lewis District. Gatling LLC to Billy Lyons and Sarah Lightfoot, Mason County. Larry J. and Doris J. Whittington to Michael R. B. Glenn, Union District. Taylor J. Bradley to Janice L. Bradley, New Haven.

Larry J. Whittington to Shane Good, Pleasant Ridge Estates. John H. Bumgarner to Delores B. Long, New Haven. David and Lois Scherer to Kayla Dewees and Abram Dennis, Lewis District. James E. and Jean A. Waugh to Richard L. Sutphin, Arbuckle District. Christine Gibbeaut to John and Rhonda Daugherty, Cooper District. Russell G. Nott to Dylan S. Slaubaugh and Megan N. Atkinson, City of Point Pleasant. Laura Gaskin, by atty in fact, Charles R. Gaskins to Harold J. Miller, City of Point Pleasant.

Amy M.Pridmore to Angela K. Stuckey, City of Point Pleasant. Jami L. Pittenger to Kenneth W. Swisher II and Beth A. Swisher, Cologne District. Anita J. Stanley to Travis D. Wamsley, Robinson District. R. Michael Shaw Jr. and R. Michael Shaw Jr. exec. R. Michael Shaw Sr. to Valerie and Betty Bernard, City of Point Pleasant and Lewis District. Mandy L.P. Williamson and Ronnie Williamson to Joshua I. Plants, Lewis District.

Staff Report