For the Record: Deeds and marriage licenses filed

Staff Report

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in May in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Robert B. Kennard, 70 of Point Pleasant, to Vicky A. Wamsley, 51 of Point Pleasant. Paul R. Darst, 50 of Gallipolis Ferry, to Heidi L. Laplume, 46 of Glendale R.I. Matthew T. Roush, 33 of Letart, to Chelci J. Canterbury, 26 of Gallipolis Ferry. Matthew J. Weddington, 26 of Point Pleasant, to Anna H. Leonard, 24 of Point Pleasant. Stephen B. Shuler Jr., 48 of Point Pleasant, to Valerie J. Rhodes, 46 of Point Pleasant. Alex M. Facemyer, 27 of Hurricane, to Jennifer L. Swan, 28 of Ashton.

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in May in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

CMH Homes Inc to John E. Harris II, Hannan District. Danny Vanscoy and Johnny Vanscoy, co-execs Beulah M. Vanscoy, est. to Paul. D. Rollins, Lewis District. William Edmonds II to William Edmonds II and Kalee Brown, Cooper District. Murl L. Tribble to Stephen R. and Amanda K. Reedy, Union District. Farmers Bank & Savings Co to James Tatterson, Clendenin District. Ernest W. Compson to Trevor A. Peters, Waggener District. Nancy K. Ohlinger and Sarry L. Rossi to Sarah L. and George W. Gibbs, Town of New Haven.

Herbert W. Matheny to Carrie L. Friend, Cologne District. Bellalane Homes WV LLC to James A Grimm, City of Point Pleasant. Richard Winters to Hannah F. McCormick, City of Point Pleasant. Lala D. Hood, Barry W. McCoy, Roger L. McCoy, Jeffrey L. McCoy, Christopher L. McCoy to David M. and Susan R. Ware, Cooper District. Dalmer R. Casto, by atty. in face Michele A. Dearing, aka Michele A. Heim to Nickey R. and Juanita A. Bird, Union District. W&D Rentals LLC to Church – New Hope Bible Baptist Church, Point Pleasant.

Sandra Blake to James E. Riffle, Cologne District. Hydrocarbon Energies to Mark Lynch and Joseph Harris, Lewis District. Larry J. Whittington to Erin L. McDade, Lewis District. Seneca Trustees Inc., Terry E. and Vada C. Nutter to U.S. Bank National Association, Robinson District. Lloyd Roach Jr., aka Lloyd E. Roach Jr. and Gina Jordan to Caleb Riffle and Cheryl J. Ross, City of Point Pleasant. New Rez LLC, DBA Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to Viola Doll, Mason County.

Patty D. Worley Dillion to Larry S. and Angela Nelson, Robinson District. Prime Lending to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Robinson District. Charles J. Roush to Charles J. and Dianna Roush, Graham District. Bernard L. Riddle, exec., Cebert R. Riddle Est. to Billy W. and Mickie S. Painter, City of Point Pleasant. Billy W. and Mickie S. Painter to Jessica Fouse and Stephanie White, Lewis District. Phyllis A. Stevens, by atty. in fact Susan Hauman and Lora Hesson to Kaci D. Riffle and Christian C. Pyles, Clendenin District. Sally L. Clark to Wanda Roush, Waggener District.

Wanda Roush to Sally L. Clark, Waggener District. Bert M. Grimm Jr., trs. Bert McClellan Grimm III realty trust to Bert M. Grimm III and Brittany C. Grimm, Robinson District. Linda D. Taylor, fka Linda D. Jordan to Melissa Jean Taylor, Cologne District. Pranom L. Sumner to Julie Heib, Clendenin District. Roger Willard to William Foster, Union District. John Caudill to Donna J. and Donald R. Friend, Waggener District. Vestal W. and Barbara H. Willard to J&P Home Consulting and Remodeling LLC, Lewis District.

Larry K. and Marilyn Bugg to Darrell L. and Teri A. Pearson, Clendenin District. Darrell L. and Teri A. Pearson to Larry K. and Marilyn Bugg, Clendenin District. David F. and Mary E. Machir to Brittiny L. Cooper, Robinson District. Larry J. and Doris J. Whittington to Murl L. Tribble, Union District. Caroline L. Hall and Druanna Carpenter, Lewis District. Mark Lynch and Joseph Harris to Joseph Harris, Lewis District.

Nichols B. Meaige Jr. and Sandra L. Meaige to Leigh A. and Gilbert V. Shepard, City of Point Pleasant. Timothy, Sherrie, Matthew and Kendra Thompson to Timothy and Sherrie Thompson, Graham District. George J., Diana K., David Y., Marla D. Ingels to Crystal Shell, Town of New Haven. Violet M. and Russell Thomas, Donald J. and Allice J. Hussell, Richard Winters, Larry and Shelby Davis to Donald J. and Alice J. Hussell, City of Point Pleasant. John C. Ewing II to John C. Ewing II. Elton A. Ritchie, by co-gdn. Elizabeth A. Pierce and Kenneth W. Ritchie to Matthew L. Bradley, Waggener District. Hasan Koc to Rena Riggs and Ben Baker, City of Point Pleasant.

Staff Report