BOE discusses summer programs, coaching contracts

Staff Report

POINT PLEASANT — The Mason County Schools Board of Education met on Tuesday night to discuss summer programs and approve agenda items.

All board members were present with Supt. Jack Cullen at the meeting, which was streamed online.

In the superintendent report, Cullen said the state department of education is working to create scenarios for returning to school in the fall. The department has nine focus areas that they are taking into consideration, including internet access for students, emotional wellness, hands-on tech classes, nutrition, extra-curricular activities, etc.

Cullen said that grades will be finalized by June 4 and the grades cannot decrease from what they were on March 13. Summer feeding will begin the week of June 8.

For consent items, the board approved the placement of Arielle Alvarez, a Grand Canyon University Student, to do her student teaching in Mason County Schools for the fall semester of the 2020/21 school year; the placement of Allison LePort, Marshall University Student, to do her student teaching in Mason County Schools for the fall semester of the 2020/21 school year.

Under professional personnel items, the board approved the resignation of Susan Pyles, Grade Six Teacher, Roosevelt Elementary, effective June 30, 2020, due to retirement.

The board approved the following service personnel items: grant Family Medical Leave for Donna Greene, Cook, Wahama Jr/Sr High, for a maximum of 12 weeks unpaid leave; the resignation of Lawhana Smithson, Cook, New Haven Elementary, effective March 31, 2020, due to retirement; the transfer of Keri Black, Secretary, Point Pleasant Jr/Sr High, to Secretary, Transportation Department, effective July 1, 2020.

The following extra-curricular personnel matters were approved: the employment of the following Aides, Summer Feeding Program, on an as needed basis, Job #001-100-S, effective June 17 thru August 14, 2020: Trinity Dean, Roberta Pullins, Teresa VanMeter, Lori Thomas, Rebecca Porter, Laura Herdman, Shari Weethee, Catherine Kirby, LaDonna Hart, Candy Robinson, Darla Jackson, Anna Stover; the following Bus Operators, Summer Feeding Program, on an as needed basis, effective June 17 thru August 14, 2020: David Dewees, Karen Pauley, Donald Matheny, Les Hanson, George Hoffman, Doris Settle, Rodney Gleason, John Absten, Wes Bowen, Laura Bonecutter, Kathy Bruner, Alan Darst, Randall Tucker, Ray Robinson, Anita Rabel, Joe Thomas, Brandon McNeal, Ronald Thomas, Michael Robinson.

The board approved the Continuing Contracts for the following Hannan Jr/Sr High Coaches for the 2020/21 school year: Kellie Thomas-Head Varsity Football, John Polcyn-Head Varsity Boys Basketball, Timothy Maloney-Assistant Varsity Boys Basketball, John Lambert-Jr High Boys Basketball, Kellie Thomas-Head Varsity Girls Basketball, Jayna Lowery-Jr High Girls Basketball, Timothy Maloney-Jr High Head Baseball, John Polcyn-Head Varsity Softball, Mike Wallace-Head Varsity Track, Kellie Thomas-Assistant Varsity Track, Jayna Lowery-Jr High Head Track, John Polcyn-Head Varsity Volleyball, Haley Tate-Jr High Head Cheerleading 1st and 2nd half.

The board approved the Continuing Contracts for the following Point Pleasant Jr/Sr High Coaches: David Darst-Head Varsity Football, David Withrow-Assistant Varsity Football, Terry Rollins-Assistant Varsity Football, Matt Cottrill-Assistant Varsity Football, James Higginbotham-Assistant Varsity Football, Daniel Tench-Jr Varsity Football, Chris O’Dell-Jr Varsity Football, James Jordan-Head Jr High Football, Kent Price-Jr High Football, Jeromy Williams-Head Varsity Boys Basketball, Cody Greathouse-Assistant Varsity/JV Boys Basketball, John Fields-Head Varsity Girls Basketball, Matt Fields-8th Grade Girls Basketball, Amber Grubb-7th Grade Girls Basketball, Andrew Blain-Head Varsity Baseball, Steve Martin-Assistant Varsity/JV Baseball, Steve Richardson-Jr High Head Baseball, James Higginbotham-Head Varsity Softball, Kent Price-Assistant Varsity Softball, Jennifer Wickline-Assistant Varsity/JV Softball, Daniel Tench-Jr High Head Softball, John Bonecutter-Head Varsity Wrestling, Jed Ott-Assistant Varsity Wrestling, David Bonecutter-Assistant Varsity/JV Wrestling, John Arnott-Varsity Golf, John Arnott-Jr High Golf, William Wood-Head Varsity Boys Soccer, John Fields-Girls Varsity Tennis, Carrie Burns-Jr High Head Tennis, Erin Smalley-Jr High Assistant Tennis, David Darst-Head Varsity Boys Track, William Wood-Assistant Varsity Boys Track, James Jordan-Jr High Assistant Boys Track, Matt Cottrill-Head Varsity Girls Track, Charla Martin-Head Varsity Cheerleading 1st and 2nd half, Ruth Sheets-Assistant Varsity Cheerleading 1st half, Matt Cottrill-Assistant Varsity Cheerleading 2nd half, Amanda Evick-Jr High Head Cheerleading 1st and 2nd half, Heather Thompson-Jr High Assistant Cheerleading 1st and 2nd half, Jessica Porter-Cross Country, Teresa Miller-Swimming, Ruth Sheets-Dance.

The board approved the Continuing Contracts for Coaches at Wahama Jr/Sr High, for the 2020/21 school year: James Toth-Head Varsity Football, Jodie Roush-Assistant Varsity Football, Scott Johnson-Assistant Varsity Football, Edmond Fry-Head Varsity Boys Basketball, James Toth-Girls Head Varsity Basketball, Lori Zuspan-Jr High Head Baseball, Mike Wolfe-Assistant Varsity Softball, Ron Bradley-Jr Varsity Softball, Jodie Roush-Assistant Varsity Wrestling, Kira Northup-Assistant Jr High Volleyball.

The board approved Gary Hendricks as Treasurer of the Board for the fiscal year 2021, according to State Code 18-9-6.

The next regular business meeting is scheduled for June 8 at 6 p.m.

Staff Report