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OHIO VALLEY — Though the reopening of the area has began, confirmed COVID-19 cases, and recovered cases, in the Ohio Valley Publishing readership area, continue to be monitored.

The latest regional update regarding COVID-19 in Mason, Meigs and Gallia counties, as of Monday evening, is as follows:

On Friday, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources reported Mason County had a total of 15 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases. This number was confirmed on Monday by Jennifer Thomas, nursing director/administrator of the Mason County Health Department. Of these 15 cases, 13 are considered recovered.

The Gallia Health Department released a statement Sunday via its Facebook page stating that Gallia may have had seven cases of COVID-19 after another added probable case was reported through a positive antibody test.

“We apologize for not releasing an updated daily chart for yesterday and today,” reads the statement. “We’re now reporting 5 lab confirmed cases and 2 probable cases for a total of 7 cases. The added probable case comes from a positive antibody test and the individual has since recovered. The difficulty in reporting this information is not all positive antibody tests will be reported as probable. There are multiple factors in the new CDC reporting guidelines of antibody tests and we’re trying to report the most concise and consistent data. As a reminder, antibody tests are not 100% accurate and having antibodies does not always mean immunity. Research is still being conducted into viral loads and reinfection rates in regards to waning antibodies.”

As of Monday, Gallia County has reported two probable cases of COVID-19 in county residents and five confirmed. Of those, one has died, one is currently hospitalized and five have recovered. The health department reports there have been 313 tests given for COVID-19. Of antibody tests given, the department reports there have been two positive and 79 negative.

Meigs County remains at a total of three cases with two confirmed cases and one probable case, all of which are listed as recovered. Meigs County has the lowest reported case total of any of Ohio’s 88 counties.

Beth Sergent, Dean Wright and Sarah Hawley contributed to this report.

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Staff Report