Deadline approaches for URG chemistry scholarship

Staff Report

RIO GRANDE, Ohio — The University of Rio Grande School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is accepting applications for the Chemistry Academic Excellence Scholarship.

The application deadline for the scholarship is April 1. Dr. John Means, chemistry and physics program coordinator, said the scholarship for the upcoming school year has been revised to allow more students an opportunity for the financial award.

“The maximum scholarship a student can be offered coming in as a new student is half of the first year’s tuition, but students who win the scholarship have the opportunity to increase the amount as they demonstrate academic achievement throughout the program,” Means said. “In past years, we’ve offered first, second and third place for the scholarship. This year more than three places will have the opportunity to be awarded the scholarships.”

Means said he is excited to see the scholarship become available to more students and help make receiving their education more accessible.

“This can help several students with the cost of tuition and the chance to increase the scholarship can also benefit the students in their final years at Rio,” Means said. “I’m really excited about the new arrangement that allows more than three students to benefit from this scholarship. Scholarships are helpful for recruitment and retention because they make higher education more available to students.”

Means said studying science at small universities like Rio has several advantages and scholarships for the programs help students reach their full potentials.

“Studying sciences at a school of Rio’s size allows students to get to know and have one-on-one learning opportunities with the professors,” Means said. “We can work with the students and provide more of our undergraduate students with research experience because of our small class sizes. This scholarship helps a larger number of our students experience these unique opportunities.”

This financial award is geared toward students looking to major in chemistry. Means said prospective students interested in the scholarship must complete the online application form and submit a letter of recommendation from a high school chemistry teacher which is to be attached to the online application form or emailed to [email protected] Participants must also apply for admission and submit academic transcripts to Rio Grande.

“This allows students coming to Rio to get a financial award right off the bat,” Means said. “This is a great opportunity for prospective students who want to be chemistry majors. Chemistry is a relatively new program and this competition is an exciting way to continue building our program.”

The online application can be found at For more information on the scholarship, contact John Means at 740-245-7165 or [email protected]

Staff Report