Recycling center closed, recycling opportunities ongoing

POINT PLEASANT — Due to the COVID-19 health risks, the Mason County Solid Waste Authority will be closing the recycling center building to the public.

Bins will be set up in the parking lot of the center to allow the public to drop off their recycling during normal business hours Monday through Friday and Saturday 8 a.m.-noon. Staff will continue to service its weekly pickup route. To help offset this inconvenience they will be dropping additional trailers to allow those in the community to continue recycling. Those locations will be as follows:

Letart – Letart Community Center (new location);

New Haven – New Haven Elementary School;

Mason – Mason City Hall;

Point Pleasant – Mason County Career Center (new location), City Bank Parking Lot;

Gallipolis Ferry – Beale Elementary School;

Leon – Leon Elementary School (new location);

Ashton – Ashton Elementary School (new location);

Apple Grove – Nibert’s Produce Auction.

Staff ask that you utilize these trailers as they were intended.

The press release from the Authority stated, “Thank you for understanding the importance of keeping our community clean and the safety of our employees. Should you have any questions please contact the Mason County Recycling Center at 304-675-7855.“