For the record: Arrests reported

Mason County Sheriff’s Department

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests made Feb. 3 – March 5: Jeffery W. Henry, 56, Gallipolis Ferry, driving revoked for DUI, arrested by Cpl. Ferrell. Charles L. Neal, II, 37, Point Pleasant, domestic battery, arrested by Lt. Varian. Kala M. Cisler, 30, Point Pleasant, domestic assault, brandishing, obstructing an officer (two counts), arrested by Deputy Turner.

Tina R. Gray, 49, Glenwood, possession of controlled substance, contributing to delinquency of minor, arrested by Cpl. Veith. Collett L. Keefer, II, 45, Leon, driving revoked DUI, arrested by Cpl. Ferrell. Wallie W. Hart, Jr., 41, Point Pleasant, obstructing an officer, possession of controlled substance, impersonating a police officer, arrested by Cpl. Ferrell. Debra R. Nibert, 56, Chesapeake, Ohio, battery, destruction of property, obstructing an officer, arrested by Cpl. Lee.

Joshua T. Beegle, 21, Gallipolis Ferry, capias, arrested by Lt. Greene. Otis Johnson, 18, Point Pleasant, brandishing, arrested by Cpl. Ferrell. James H. Moore, 37, Gallipolis Ferry, parole hold over, fugitive from justice, arrested by Lt. Greene.

Garry J. Peck, 44, Leon, uttering, arrested by Cpl. Ferrell. James C. Stephens, 35, Point Pleasant, truancy, arrested by Cpl. Ferrell. Ashley R. Edmonds, 31, Point Pleasant, truancy, arrested by Cpl. Ferrell. Chad W. Somerville, 41, Gallipolis Ferry, grand larceny, arrested by Cpl. Veith.

William M. Wilson, 24, Point Pleasant, bail piece, arrested by Chief Downing. Jerica J. Mitchell, 18, Groveport, Ohio, speeding, fleeing in vehicle, possession of marijuana, arrested by Cpl. Ferrell. Keith A. Nelson, 37, Southside, possession of controlled substance, arrested by Deputy Turner. Kimberly L. Norris, 56, Southside, DUI, arrested by Lt. Terry.

Point Pleasant Police Department

The Point Pleasant Police Department has released its most recent monthly activity report for February as follows: 37 citations issued; 5 misdemeanor arrests made; 1 felony arrest made; 214 calls answered; 33 complaint reports taken; 8 accident reports processed.

The following were arrested by officers in February, as submitted by the PPPD: Adam Pearson, obstructing EMS. Cassie Muscari, driving DUI revoked. Larry Wilson, II, drive suspended third offense. Jennifer Graham, petit larceny. Shawn Pennycook, petit larceny. Christopher Henson, warrant (parole violation).