For the record: Deeds, marriages reported

Staff Report

Mason County Clerk’s Office

The following property deeds were filed in December in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Murvin L. Morrow to Michael L. and Nancy Cornell, Clendenin District. Lucie A. Mellert and James F. Kelly III to James C. and Jessica S. Wood, Mt. Vernon Heights Addition. Bobbie E. Myers to Bobbie E. and Poochie Myers, Hannan District. Brandy Fera Morrison, FKA Brandy M. Fera, to Seth B. Canterbury, Country Club Additon. Mark and Sherri Miller to Matthew S. Campbell, Cologne District. Shawna J. Bellamy, exec. Edith Jane Martin estate to Jonathan D. Jordan, Bellemead Addition.

Casby M. Meadows to Colby R. McCutcheon, Country Club Homes, Inc. Addition. Tabitha B. Hardwick to Body Barn Gym, LLC., Waggener District. Vanderbild Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Charles D. and Debora A. Bills, Hannan District. Kevin L. and June M. Ison to David S. Henderson, Hannan District.

David A. Huff to Jacob S. and Emily R. Frantz, Hannan District. Kevin W Pingor to Barbara E. and Clarence A. Luikart, Jr., Union District. Wanda Y. and Roger DeWeese to Lana C. Mayes, Clendenin District. Erika M. Thomas Bing to Shelly G. Edmonds, Clendenin District. Dallas E. Shamblin to markus L. and Leann E. Ruddle, Cologne District. Carlos G. Pauley to Carla Waugh, Clendenin District.

Precision Fabricators, LLC. to Lovers Lane Land Company, LLC., Robinson District. Jessica L. Kearns to Jacob E. and Kristina L. Hanson, Country Club Homes Inc. Addition. Bethany Sheets, Karen Herdman, Wilma Withers, James Smeltzer and Gary Smeltzer to Gary A. Jones, Country Club Homes Addition. Robert M. Glenn to Jennifer E. and Russell S. Glenn Jr., Hannan District. Judith C. Nibert to Tammy Backenstoe, Lora Long and Kristi Henry, Clendenin District. Buddy E. Kearns to Tina L. Kearns, Meadowhill Robinson District.

William and Linda Coleman to Michelle Coleman and Candice Coleman Pope, Clendenin District. Don Ball to Alan M. and Elizabeth J. Barnitz, New Haven. Harry E. Bruner to Matthew D. Krolczyk Jr., Cologne District. Harry E. Bruner, LLC. to Milford R Hott Jr. and Toni D. Kimberling, Clendenin District. Paul H. Sheets to Paul H. Sheets and Ruth A Sheets, Clendenin District. Dianna R. Oliver, FKA Dianna R. Dalton and Charles H. Oliver to Charles H. Oliver, Dianna R. Oliver, Cloyd H. Smith, Daniel L. Morrow, Kristan Gilley and David J. Bates, Cologne District. Ronnie D. and Janice L. Roush to Shawn W. and Tara L. Leach, New Haven.

Michelle Clendenin, Stephanie Clendenin and Linda Kugler to Russell G. Nott, Mt. Vernon Heights Addition. Wayne Price Powell to Ellen R. Goff and Henry E. Powell II, Union District. Nancy Lieving to Dennis Little, Union District. Christopher L. Potts to Christopher M. Potts, Clendenin District. Daniel R. and Beulah A. Schultz to Amanda M and Ethan Schultz, Union District. Homer E. and Ernestine Whittington to John D. Eads, Cooper District. Virginia L. Taylor to Kevin L. Taylor, Meadowbrook Addition.

AEP Generation Resources Inc. AKA APE GENCO to Mingo Junction Steel Works LLC. AKA Mingo Junction, Graham District. Appalachian Power Co. AKA APCO to Mingo Junction Steel Works LLC. AKA Mingo Junction, Graham District. Fonda M. Burris, FKA Fonda M. Ferguson to W.Va. Dept. of Transportation-Div. of Highways, Arbuckle District. Seth Canterbury to John P. Henry, Clendenin District. Wayne E. and Patricia M. Sanders to Jessie L. and April N. Simpkins, Cooper District. Charles W. Henry to Gloria P. and Damian R. Stover, Clendenin District.

Skaff Family Limited Partnership to ARG AA12PCK001 LLC., Point Pleasant. Kale Trucking Inc. to River Valley Farms LLC., Arbuckle District. Edward A. Bell, by attorney in fact, Melodi Bell, Melodi Bell, attorney in fact, Edward A. Bell to Kayanna Sayre-POE, Robinson District. Jane A. Martin to William Doss, Hannan District. Billiy R. Chandler, Martin D. Chandler and Tracy Chandler to Billy and Peggy Black, Hannan District.

Charles D. and Denise L. Williams to Matthew T. Thompson, Kendra J. Thompson, Gary T. Roush, Gary O. Roush, Mitchell G. Roush, Elvis W. Zerkle, Charles N. Zerkle Jr., Waggener District. Dianna G. Gardner, by attorney in fact Kelly Strunk, Kelly Strunk, attorney in fact, Dianna G. Gardner to Peggy L. Martin, Clendenin District. Peggy A. Glenn, FKA Peggy A. Clark, to Danny R. Watson, Clendenin District. Jeremy S. Hamm to Amber D. Bryant, Point Pleasant. Thomas E. Schauer to Kevin A. and Dalena S. Smith, Robinson District.

Homer O. and Tammy S. Newell to Rachel L. and Patrick A. Fields, Waggner District. Martha V. Newell to Rachel L. Fields, Waggener District. Bill Johnson, AKA William Johnson Jr., Marilyn G. Martin, est. Bill Johnson to Chester L. and Martha J. Cochran, Country Club Homes Inc. Addition. Michael R. and Holly L. Lieving to Dustin L. and Brandie J. Zirkle, Waggener District. Lawrence F. Derenge Jr., Barbara J. Deferge, Penelope D. Stauffer, Mark Stauffer to Lonnie and Madora McCarty, Clendenin District. Rock S. Wilson irrevocable trust to Royal F. Martin Jr. and Melissa D. Martin, Lewis District. John E. and Angela S. Kinnaird to Fred J. and Dean B. Noblin. Howard L. and Ladonna A. Carr to Jason D. Stouffer and Myranda J. Endicott, Clendenin District. Gale M. Justus and Randall S. Kinzel, Cologne District. William S. and Janet M. Carte to Dennis A. Stranahan, Union District.

The following marriage licenses were filed in December in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley: Brian C. O’Neill, 44 of St. Albans, and Amber L. Bumgarner, 43 of Letart. Tyler M. Ward, 27 of Hilliard, Ohio, and Aubrie L. Rice, 27 of Hilliard, Ohio. Earl P. McMahill, 27 of Letart, and Lorene L. Smith, 31 of Letart. Timothy J. Bolen, 27 of Ashton, and Starleda D. Benson, 43 of Ashton. James M. DeWeese, 29 of Leon, and Traci L. Hall, 31 of Leon. Jared W. Chaney, 29 of Adelphi, Ohio, and Tara S. Lowery, 39 of Adelphi, Ohio.

Staff Report