Candidates file election complaints

HENDERSON — Two complaints have reportedly been filed with the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office regarding this week’s special election in Henderson.

Former Henderson Mayor Tony M. Cox and Mayoral candidate Robert L. Smith, Jr., presented the Point Pleasant Register with notarized election complaint forms reportedly faxed to Secretary of State Natalie Tennant this week. The complaints were lodged against the Henderson Town Council.

Cox’s complaint states he felt the election was not done within the time frame set by the state of West Virginia and the Henderson town charter. He took issue with the ballot, saying it didn’t allow any spaces for write-in candidates and alleges not enough time was allotted to allow candidates to be placed on the ballot. Cox also states he felt procedures for being placed on the ballot, as outlined in the town charter, were not followed and the form of the ballot was not the form which was stated in the town charter.

Cox is asking for the election results to be “thrown out” and another conducted “with the right allotment of time which is stated by the town charter and state law for the residents to be involved.”

Smith’s complaint states he feels the election was not done in the time frame set by the state of West Virginia and the town charter. He also took issue with ballots not allowing for write-in candidates. Smith is also asking fora new election with “the right allotment of time for the residents to be involved.”

As previously reported, both Cox and Smith were candidates in Tuesday’s special election. Smith ran against Jack L. McCoy Sr. for mayor, with McCoy winning the race 58 votes to Smith’s seven votes. Cox ran for recorder, as did Carolyn R. McCoy, with Carolyn winning this race 58 votes to Cox’s seven votes.

Running for council seats were incumbents William (Bill) Moore, Sheila Moore, Rex Patterson and Gregory Winston. George Henry Neal was the only new face running for a seat on council. All five were elected to available council seats with the following vote totals: Sheila Moore had 48 votes, William Moore had 49 votes, Patterson had 55 votes, Winston had 40 votes and Neal had 26 votes.

In all, there were 68 ballots cast from a pool of around 180 registered voters. There were three provisional ballots cast. These are all unofficial results from the election. An official canvas will be 3 p.m. Monday at the Henderson Community Building and is open to the public.

These complaints to the secretary of state’s office remain complaints and allegations at this point.