For the record

Mason Police Department

The following is a portion of the delinquent fines list provided by the Mason Police Department. Due to the length of this list and available space, only a portion of it appears here today, with the remainder of it published in previous editions. Anyone whose name appears can visit the police station during daytime business hours, or call 304-773-5201, to get the fine amount or for more information. Below is a portion of the list compiled by the Mason PD, in alphabetical order.

Wendy M. Moore, Shoplifting; Shannon Morarity, Shoplifting (first offense) (second offense) and Trespassing (first offense) (second offense); Anthony W. Morris, Public Intoxication; Benjamin M. Morris, Failure to Produce License; Jamie Renee Morris, Defective Equipment and No Proof of Insurance; Daniel R. Morrison, Left of Center, No Seatbelt, and Reckless Driving; Jessica Morrison, Shoplifting and Trespassing; Tonda Morrison, Shoplifting (first offense) (second offense), Possession of Controlled Substance and Littering; Jeremiah Levi Mullins, No Proof of Insurance and Defective Equipment; Mary Myers, Shoplifting; David H. Nakao, Speeding, Driving while Suspended and Speeding; Keith James Nakao, Possession of Controlled Substance; David L. Nance, Defective Equipment; David R. Nance, Shoplifting; Justin Nance, Driving Suspended;

Natalie Nance, Driving Suspended (second offense), No Insurance and Shoplifting; Crystal L. Napier, Defective Equipment and Driving Suspended; Michael L. Neal, Expired Tags and Speeding; Michael Neal, Public Intoxication; Tad A. Neal, DUI and Driving on Suspended; Jan Neece, Cell Phone and Driving Suspended; Leonard New, Delinquency of Minor; Zachary E. Nyberg, No Operators and Driving Suspended; Lori A. Nickels, Failure to Signal Turn, No Insurance, Driving While Suspended; Kevin James Nutt, No Insurance and Driving While Suspended; Don Wesley Nye, Shoplifting; Jarrod Ogdin, Driving Suspended; Tabitha A. Ohlinger, Expired Operators; Kathy Ann Oliver, No Insurance; Angela Dawn Oxyer, Driving Suspended, Improper Registration, No Insurance and No Operators; George Painter, Driving on Suspended;

Richard A. Parsons, Improper MVI, Improper Registration, Possession of Controlled Substance, No Insurance and Driving Suspended; Shelia M. Partlow, Driving Suspended; Amy Patterson, Driving Suspended, No Insurance and Left of Center; Stephen Patterson, Shoplifting; Erica N. Peck, Shoplifting; James R. Peck, Failure to Yield and DUI (first offense); Nickolas Pelfrey, Shoplifting; Shayne Pennycuff, Expired Operators, Failure to Change Address, Failure to Change Registration and No Proof of Insurance; Joseph Phillips, Possession of Controlled Substance; Christopher Pickens, No Proof of Insurance; Joshua D. Pickens, No Proof Insurance; Marco Joe Pickenpaugh, Driving on Suspended; Tracy Pickenpaugh, No Operators and Possession of Controlled Substance; Jamie Pierce, Shoplifting and Possession of Controlled; Jason W. Pierce, No Operators;

Ashley R. Plants, Driving Suspended and No Proof of Insurance; Jacob Allan Plants, Expired MVI; Christopher Porter, Shoplifting; Christopher S. Porter, No Proof of Insurance and No Operators; Benjamin M. Prichard, Speeding; Karen Prince, Shoplifting; Brian Profitt, No Inspection Sticker; Brian A. Pullins, Cell Phone and Expired Operators; Cody Kramer Pumphrey, Driving Suspended; Tammy Lyn Quillen, Failure to Obtain WV Registration and Failure to Change Address; Jennifer L. Ralbuskey, Shoplifting (second offense); Roger Ramey, Open Container; Selena Lynn Ramsey, Driving on Suspended, Failure to Produce Operators and Petit Larceny (times two); Kelly Randolph, Shoplifting (first offense); Trenton Randolph, Improper Registration;

Shawn J. Ratcliff, Shoplifting (first offense); Timothy Ryan Ratcliff, Shoplifting; Mark Rathburn, Shoplifting; William S. Rathburn, Hitchhiking and Public Intox; Grage Reed, Shoplifting; James Henry Reitmire, Driving Suspended and No Insurance; Benjy Joe Rhoades, Driving Suspended; Charles Rhodes, No Insurance and No Seatbelt; Blair S. Rice, Shoplifting; Crystal Dawn Richards, Shoplifting; Tammy Richards, Shoplifting; Theresa Rider, Speeding; Nikki N. Riffle, No Proof of Insurance and No Seatbelt (times two); Brandon Roach, Underage Consumption and Public Intoxication; Sarah Roach, Improper Registration and Driving While Suspended;

Douglas Robie, No Proof of Registration; Michelle D. Robie, Shoplifting; Russell Robinson, Improper Use of Cell Phone and No Proof of Insurance; James Rose, Shoplifting; Precious A. Rose, Shoplifting and False Information to Officer; Jonathon Ross, Failure to Obtain WV Registration; Anthony Tony C. Roush, Open Container, Brandon Isaac Roush, Shoplifting and Underage Consumption; Brian Roush, No Operators; Brittani N. Roush, Expired Registration and No Operators; Jason Scott Roush, Failure to Stop at Sign; Joseph W. Roush, Seatbelt; Julia Ann Roush, Shoplifting; Kenneth A. Roush, No Insurance and No Registration; Kenneth A. Roush, Driving on Suspended;

Regina Roush, Expired MVI, Driving Suspended, Obstructing an Officer, Defective Equipment and Possession Controlled Substance; Shawn E. Roush, Shoplifting; William Roush, Expired MVI; Sean T. Ruark, Contributing and Possession of Controlled Substance; Carl L. Runyon, Jr., Driving while Suspended; Johnathon Daniel Runyon, Underage Consumption and Possession of Controlled Substance; Clay Russell, No Insurance (times two) and Leaving the Scene; Stephen T. Russell, Improper Registration; Tina M. Salyers, No Seatbelt, Expired Operators and Child Restraint (times two); Tia Lynn Sargent, Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device and Driving without Operators; Ashley R. Schuetzman, Shoplifting; Gabriel J. Scott, Possession of Controlled Substance and Public Intoxication; Anthony Troy Seyler, Public Intoxication; Cheyenne Seyler, Possession of Controlled Substance; Douglas A. Seyler, Left of Center;

Lisa A. Seyler, Public Intox (times two) and Possession of Controlled Substance; Johnny Keith Shaffer, Shoplifting; Robert A. Shane, Shoplifting; Tristan Tyre Shealey, Expired Operators; Allen Shelton, Speeding; Mary Shoemaker, Shoplifting; Ralph E. Shoemaker, Speeding and Driving on Suspended; Alicia Dawn Shuler, Shoplifting; Virginia Skeens, Shoplifting; Kevin Neal Slater, Disorderly Conduct; Christina L. Sleeth, Shoplifting; Alisha D. Small, Possession of Controlled Substance and Possession of Controlled Substance (second offense); Carla Jo Smith, Public Intoxication; Eric Von Smith, Shoplifting; Jerri Renee Smith, Leaving the Scene, Failure to Give Information, No Insurance and Possession of Controlled Substance; Kathlinne Marie Smith, Shoplifting;

Linda Smith, Shoplifting (second offense) and Trespassing; Terry Ray Smith, Obstructing an Officer and Disorderly Conduct; Traci L. Smith, Shoplifting; Dalton R. Spangler, Failure to Stop at Sign; Joshua James Sparkman, Public Intoxication; Cody Hugh Sparks, Shoplifting; Colton S. Sparks, Speeding; Samuel Robert Spear, Destruction of Property; Claudia Springer, No Insurance; Elizabeth Stalnaker, Fleeing from an Officer and No Operator License; Stephanie L. Stanley, Shoplifting; Bethany D. Stewart, Driving Suspended (second offense), No Insurance and Shoplifting; James Stewart, Defective Equipment and No Insurance; James Clinton Stewart, No Insurance, Driving On Suspended, Speeding and Possession of Controlled Substance; John Stewart, Public Intoxication;

Natasha A. Stewart, Public Intoxication; Tiffany Dawn Stewart, Shoplifting; Donald E. Stone, Open Container, Littering and Public Intoxication; Justin Stone, Possession of Controlled Substance; Ricky Stone, Failure to Stop at Sign and Obstructing; Ryan Stone, Failure to Obey Traffic Signal; Samara Stone, Driving on Suspended, Petit Larceny and Shoplifting; Samuel W Stout, Public Intoxication; Sandra Stover, Public Intoxication; David Wayne Streets, Expired Registration and No Insurance; Patrick C. Stump, Drug Paraphernalia; William Stuuon, Public Intoxication and Shoplifting; Natasha Tackett, Shoplifting; Cody E. Taylor, Failure to Stop at Sign and No Operators in Possession; Donna Taylor, Shoplifting;

Jamie Taylor, Shoplifting (second offense); Robert A. Taylor, Shoplifting; Scottie Taylor, Defective Equipment; Timothy Taylor, Trash (City Ordinance); Zachary Taylor, Shoplifting; Samantha Jo Tejeda, Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device, No Insurance and Shoplifting; Douglas Tempio, Possession of Marijuana; Rebecca Jean Terry, Driving Suspended and Cell Phone; Anthony Thomas, Shoplifting; Clifford S. Thomas, Shoplifting; Delores Thomas, False Pretense; Tessa Jo Thomas, No Signal; Megan Ann Thompson, Cell Phone and Seatbelt; Katrina Thornton, No Seatbelt (times two) and No Proof of Insurance; Mary F. Todd, Shoplifting and Shoplifting;

Justin W. Thomblin, Shoplifting; Melinda Vance, Defective Equipment and No Seatbelt; Shawn Vancurren, No Operators; Jason D. Vanderwall, No MVI and Failure to Change Address; Christopher M. Vanmeter, Shoplifting; Daniel Travis Vanmeter, Expired Registration, Driving on Suspended and Expired Operators; Dusty J. Vanmeter, No Operators; Kristopher Vanmeter, No Seatbelt and No License in Possession; Tyler Vanmeter, Failure to Change Address; Keawana Varian, Shoplifting; Sherri Louise Vergilio, Shoplifting; Jason E. Vickle, Speeding and Failure to Produce Operators; Christy Vineyard, Shoplifting; Christina Wamsley, Failure to Obey Traffic Device;

Guy R. Wamsley, Driving Revoked, Improper Registration and No Insurance; Paul Wamsley, Driving on Suspended; Tara Lynn Wamsley, Possession of Controlled Substance; Dale Arthur Ward, Criminal Trespass; Stacy A. Ward, Shoplifting; Toni Ward, Shoplifting; Sean Michael Warth, Expired MVI; Eduardo A. Watkins, Speeding; Jennifer L Whalen, Driving Suspended; Tina Marie Wheeler, Driving Suspended; Opal Whitlatch, Shoplifting; Jeffrey Wickersham, Disorderly Conduct; Jamie L. Wiedmaier, Improper Registration and No Proof of Insurance; James Will, Public Intoxication; Michelle D. Williams, Shoplifting (second offense);

Michael R. Wills, No Operators and No Proof of Insurance; Jacob A. Wilson, Left of Center and Driving Suspended; Matthew C. Wilson, No Insurance and No Seatbelt; Amanda M. Wittig, Shoplifting (first offense) and (second offense); Timothy Wolfe, Driving on Suspended; Robin L. Wood, Shoplifting; Jerry Woodrow, Shoplifting; William C. Woods, Speeding and No Proof of Registration; Gary W. Woodrow, Shoplifting; Jeremy Woodrow, Shoplifting; Norman Dale Workman, Shoplifting; Sean T. Wray, Color Maker Lights; Howard Jason Writesel, Failure to Maintain; Anthony D. Wroblewshi, Trespassing; James D. York, Suspended Operators and No Insurance;

Amanda Youkers, No Proof of Insurance, Expired MVI and Driving Suspended; Bruce Youkers, Reckless Driving and No Operators; Jonathan R. Young, Shoplifting; Michelle Young, Shoplifting (second offense), Driving Suspended (second offense), Defective Equipment, No MVI and Failure to Produce Operators; Stephanie Young, Possession of Controlled Substance; Louis Zinger, No Insurance (times three), No Seatbelt and Improper Plates; April Leigh Zirkle, Speeding.