For the record

Mason Police Department

The following is a portion of the delinquent fines list provided by the Mason Police Department. Due to the length of this list and available space, only a portion of it appears here today, with the remainder of it to be published in upcoming editions of the Point Pleasant Register in the “For the Record” section. Anyone whose name appears can visit the police station during daytime business hours, or call 304-773-5201, to get the fine amount or for more information. Below is a portion of the list compiled by the Mason PD, in alphabetical order.

Tiffany D. Hall, No Insurance; Mitchell L. Halley, Improper MVI and Improper Registration; Brandon Lee Haning, Shoplifting; Dean E. Hankla, Possession of Controlled Substance; Jeffrey Scott Harder, Destruction of Property; Tiffany F. Harder, Failure to Maintain Control; Julia Hardin, Possession of Controlled Substance; Stephen Dewayne Harger, Shoplifting; Stephen W. Harger, Driving Suspended; Shannon Harland, Shoplifting; Kristen Lee Harrison, Shoplifting; April D. Hart, Shoplifting; John Hatfield, Expired Registration and No Insurance; Joshua E. Hawk, Underage Consumption; Miranda Hawley, No Seatbelt;

Christopher Haye, Speeding; John D. Hayes, Underage Consumption; William Ralph Hayes, Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication; Joshua Hayman, Improper Lighting; Joann Felicia Hedrick, Speeding; David Scott Hennesse, Reckless Operation; Sara Lynn Henry, Shoplifting; Shawn M. Henry, Petit Larceny; Jerry T. Hensley, Driving While License Suspended; Linda Herman, Parking in a Fire Lane; Mian L. Herman, Defective Equipment; Tyler James Hesson, Shoplifting (times two); Brice T. Hill, Defective Equipment and No Proof Insurance; Gabriel S. Hill, Driving without Headlights, Failure to Produce Operators and No Signal; Koah N. Hively, No Proof Insurance;

Joseph Hoffman, Driving Suspended (second offense), Driving no Operators, No Registration, Driving Under Suspension, and Driving Suspended; Michelle L. Hoffman, Driving Suspended (second offense), No Proof of Insurance, Driving Suspended, and Reckless Operation; Jason Holcomb, Open Container; Letersha L. Holman, Driving on Suspended, No Proof of Registration, No Proof of Insurance and Speeding; Larissa Hood, Possession of Controlled Substance; Steven Colby Hood, Petit Larceny; Pamela Hopkins, Defective Equipment; Ronald Clifford Hopkin, Jr., Expired License; Johnny Ray Hoschar, Jr., DUI (first offense); Jerome K. Howard, Driving while Suspended, No Proof of Insurance and Failure to Obtain WV Registration; Margaret Howell, Shoplifting (second offense) and Trespassing; Sharon Huddleston, Shoplifting; Brady Huffman, Parking in a Fire Lane; Connie Huizer, Speeding; Blake Humphrey, Shoplifting; Bridget N. Humphrey, Shoplifting;

Alfreda M. Hupp, No Insurance, Expired Registration, and No Proof of Insurance; Angela Marie Hykes, Shoplifting; Brandy Lynn Hysell, Left of Center; Ronald Nathan Hysell, Jr., Stop Sign and No Proof of Operators; Timothy Imboden, Possession Controlled Substance and Obstructing; Velvet Jackson, No Proof of Insurance, Expired MVI and Expired Operators; Shyla Estell Jarrell, Shoplifting and Trespassing; Evan S. Jeffers, Petit Larceny and Destruction of Property; Daylon G. Jenkins, Shoplifting; Alan Johnson, Left of Center, Driving on Suspended, Failure to Maintain Control, Passengers Exceeding Limits and Dog Ordinance; Betty Johnson, Trespassing; Derick Johnson, Speeding; Kacyndra D. Johnson, Permitting No Operators, Driving Suspended (second offense) and Shoplifting; Matthew Johnson, Improper Parking; Meredith C. Johnson, Cellphone and No Proof Registration;

Peggy Johnson, Expired MVI and No Insurance; Tina Rae Johnson, Shoplifting and Trespassing; Vera Johnson, Expired MVI; Ashley Nicole Jones, Expired MVI; Charles Michael Jones, No Proof of Insurance; Diane D. Jones, Shoplifting; Travis Jones, Trespassing, Shoplifting, and Possession of Controlled Substance; Justin Jordan, Shoplifting (second offense), Petit Larceny, Shoplifting (first offense), Driving Suspended License, Improper Registration, Improper Passing, and No Proof of Insurance; Melinia Justice, Public Intoxication (times two); Shawn Paul Kabaz, Driving Suspended and No Seatbelt; Betty A. Kainowshi, Shoplifting; Joshua Kauff, Driving Suspended (first offense); Renee Kauff, Shoplifting; Todd A Kemper, No Proof of Insurance; Kody Kerns, Possession of Controlled Substance;

Timothy Lako Kimes, Shoplifting; Brittany King, Shoplifting; Jason Carl Kincaid, Driving Suspended; Larry R. Kirk, Jr., Improper Passing; Raymond Edward Klein, Shoplifting (times two), Public Intoxication; Michael S. Krautter, Speeding; Emily Shea Kuhn, Shoplifting; Vicki Lambert, No Insurance; Charles Landes Jr., Possession of Marijuana; Angela M. Lane, Disorderly Conduct; Chrissa Lane, Shoplifting; Keith Allen Lane, Left of Center and No Insurance Carried; Kaitlin M. Long, Shoplifting; Dawn K. Lanham, Defective Equipment and Possession; Jonathan C. Larkin, Shoplifting;

Ashley Rae Laudermilt, No Proof of Insurance; Anglia L. Laudermilt, Driving Suspended, Leaving the Scene of Accident, Failure to Produce Operators, and No Proof of Registration; Alex C. Lee, Defective Equipment and No Operators; Amber Lee, No Insurance; Cassy Dawn Lee, Improper Use of Cell Phone, Driving while Suspended and No Insurance; Robert R. Leming, Driving on Suspended (times two), No Insurance (times two), No Registration Card and Public Intoxication; Kyle David Lemley, Shoplifting; Jody Leone, Expired MVI, No Proof on Insurance, No Insurance and Improper Registration; John Lessner, Possession of Controlled Substance; Heather Litchfield, Expired Operators, No Seatbelt and Defective Equipment; Dennis G. Little, Defective Equipment; Sidney Aaron Little, Driving Suspended, Reckless Operation, Fleeing in Vehicle, No Insurance, No Motorcycle Endorsement, and No Motorcycle Helmet; Traci Livingston, Driving on Suspended, Speeding and No Operators; Branigan Christine Long, Shoplifting (second offense); Raquel A. Maddox, Shoplifting;

Whayne Marnhart, Shoplifting; Joshua Wayne Marshall, No Proof of Insurance; Michael Marshall, Failure to Notify of Address Change; James B. Martin, Shoplifting; Tiffany M. Masters, Disorderly Conduct and Destruction of Property; Lindsay Matson, Defective Equipment; Prudence Mayes, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Brenda Lee McCarty, Driving while License Suspended; Brett Allen McCreery, Speeding; Marvin Andrew McGuire, Littering, Open Container and Possession of Controlled Substance; Nikolas McGuire, No Proof of Insurance; Angela McKenzie, Shoplifting (second offense) and Trespassing; Andrew Scott McKnight, Shoplifting; Jason McKnight, Shoplifting; Peter McKinney, Shoplifting;

Dawna L. McNeely, Speeding and Driving on Suspended; Janetta Menendez, Left of Center and No Seatbelt; Darrell G. Michael, Driving while Suspended; Charles Edward Michael, Jr., Driving on Suspended and No Proof of Insurance; Derek W. Michael, Disorderly Conduct (times two), No Insurance and Driving Suspended; Matthew S. Milhoan, Speeding; Jeremy Wade Miller, Defective Equipment, Driving Suspended or Revoked, Expired Registration, and No Insurance; Ryan Michael Miller, No Operators and Improper Plates; Robin Lynn Miller, Improper Use of Cell Phone and No Proof Of Insurance; Adriana N. Minor, No Operators; Sarah Ann Modesitt, Shoplifting; Gary Moore, Petit Larceny and Obstructing an Officer; Jerry B. Moore, Open Container; Kristy Beth Moore, Expired Registration; Thomas Joe Moore, Shoplifting.

Mason County Sheriff’s Department

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests: Justin S. Lee, 29, Henderson, aggravated DUI, arrested by Deputy Veith. Heather D. Henry, 36, Henderson, truancy third offense, arrested by Cpt. Peterson. Raymond L. Spears, 18, Letart, driving revoked for DUI, obstructing an officer times two, arrested by Deputy Cavender.