For the record

Mason Police Department

The following is a portion of the delinquent fines list provided by the Mason Police Department. Due to the length of this list and available space, only a portion of it appears here today, with the remainder of it to be published in upcoming editions of the Point Pleasant Register in the “For the Record” section. Anyone whose name appears can visit the police station during daytime business hours, or call 304-773-5201, to get the fine amount or for more information. Below is a portion of the list compiled by the Mason PD, in alphabetical order.

Justein A Dail, Shoplifting; Mindy M. Dailey, Shoplifting (second offense); Christopher R. Daniels, Speeding and Defective Equipment; David Darst, No Seatbelt and Driving on Suspended; Jessice Darst, Shoplifting; Michael Christopher Davis, Driving while License Suspended or Revoked; Jessica Davis, Defective Equipment and No Proof of Insurance; David Day, Shoplifting; Stoney Day, Shoplifting and Trespassing; Bradley Dent, Defective Equipment; Dakota Dewitt, No Operators; Jimmy Diamond, Expired Operators and No Proof of Insurance; Valeria A. Diamond, Expired Registration and No Operators; Coltin Paul Diddle, Underage Consumption; Charles Richard Dill, Public Intoxication; Bryan Dillard, Driving on Suspended and No Proof of Insurance;

Luke Dillard, Driving Suspended; Henry George Doerfer, Traffic Control Device; Melissa Donney, Shoplifting; Michael Scott Dorst, Driving While Suspended; Shelena M. Doss, Driving Suspended and No Proof of Insurance; Hollie Dugan, Defective Equipment; Phillip A. Dull, Speeding; Jodie Eads, Possession of Marijuana (times two), No Insurance (times two) and Driving Suspended; Scottie Lee Edmond, Permitting Unauthorized Person to Drive and No Insurance Carried; Allison Edwards, Shoplifting; James Edwards, Shoplifting; Tracy N. Ellenburg, Speeding; Barbara A. Ellis, Cellphone and No Insurance; Justin Erb, Defective Equipment and No Insurance; William Eugene Erb, Shoplifting;

Charles J. Estep, Muffler Noise; Harry Estep, Jr., Driving Suspended (times two), Improper Registration and No Insurance; Bonnie Evans, No Proof of Insurance; Johnnie Evans, Driving on Suspended and No Insurance; Cory Blake Farmer, Expired MVI, Expired Insurance and Defective Equipment; Jesse D. Farrington, No Proof Of Insurance; Thomas E. Fellure, Unlicensed Vehicle, No Proof of Insurance (times two) and No Registration; Carol L. Fetty, Speeding; Stephanie Fetty, Disorderly Conduct; Jinelle Fields, No Insurance; Tommy Lee Fields, No Operators; Jacob Stephen Fink, Shoplifting, Driving Suspended and No Operators; Michael Fisher, Driving Suspended, Failure to Stop Sign, No Insurance and Improper Registration; Shawn C. Fisher, Possession of Controlled Substance; Robert Flint, Driving Suspended and Failure to Signal;

Michael Flower, Driving Suspended, Defective Equipment and Open Container; Mary E. Fowler, Driving Suspended and No Proof Insurance; Melissa Francis, Possession of Controlled Substance; Sarah Frank, Improper Display of Registration; Seth Frank, Driving Suspended and Left of Center; Shelly Franklin, Stop Sign, Obstructing an Officer and No Drivers License; Michael F. Freeman, Shoplifting; Lori Fae Friend, Driving Suspended, Improper Registration, No Insurance and No Signal; William M Gauge, Driving on Suspended; Kayla Gheen, Trespassing, Driving Suspended, No Child Restraint, and Shoplifting; James Gibbs, Open Burning and Open Container; Joshua Gill, No MVI and Improper Registration; Teresa M. Gillenwater, Shoplifting (first offense); James F. Gilkey, Shoplifting; Jerry E. Gilkey, Driving on Suspended;

Shawn D. Gilmore, Driving Suspended and Failure to Maintain Control; Elizabeth Gloeckner, Operating without Operators; Edgel E. Goble, Driving Suspended; Ashley Graham, Shoplifting; Cheryl Graham, Permitting to Drive; William R. Greene, Left of Center (times two), Public Intoxication and Failure to Obey Traffic Control; Boone Griffith, Shoplifting; James P. Grimes, No Operators and No Insurance; Amy Diane Grimm, Driving on Suspended; Larry Ray Grimm, Possession of Controlled Substance, Driving on Suspended, Possession of Controlled Substance, and Driving Revoked; Stacy Grueser, Petit Larceny, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Paraphernalia; Mark Hager, Speeding and Driving while Suspended; James Lloyd Hale, Shoplifting; Kevin Shane Hall, Failure to Produce Operators, No Four-Wheeler Sticker, Improper Registration, and No Registration; Randall Scott Hall, Expired License.