Mason PD releases unpaid fines list

Mindy Kearns - For the Register

MASON — Mason town officials are taking a new approach in their attempt to collect outstanding fines owed to its police department.

The town council recently approved allowing the department to publish the names of people with delinquent fines in both the local newspaper, as well as on social media, in an effort to collect the thousands of dollars owed to the municipality.

According to Sarah Stover, police secretary, the department hopes to get the accounts settled so the names can be removed from the books. She said some people may have just forgotten that they owe the fines. Anyone whose name appears can visit the police station during daytime business hours, or call 304-773-5201, to get the fine amount.

Due to the length of this list and available space, only a portion of it appears here today, with the remainder of it to be published in upcoming editions of the Point Pleasant Register in the “For the Record” section.

Below is a portion of the list compiled by Stover, in alphabetical order.

Carol Lee Adkins, Shoplifting; Michael Adkins, Possession of Marijuana; Roy Albert, Trespassing; Patricia Ann Allbaugh, Shoplifting; Dustin Allen, Speeding; Alexandria Marie Armstrong, Defective Equipment; Gerald Armstrong, Public Intox; Jimmy W. Arnett, Speeding and Driving Revoked or Suspended; Andramada Arnott, Expired Registration; Donald Aspery, Improper Registration; Todd Athey, Shoplifting; Amy Atkins,Speeding; Jade Back, Driving while Suspended, No or Expired Insurance and Improper Display of Registration; Kayla Bachtel, Improper Cell Phone Use and No Insurance;

Michael Bailey, Obstructing an Officer; Shawn Michael Bailey, Shoplifting (second offense); Keto Bajo, Trespassing and Obstructing, and False Information; Jacob James Baldwin, Shoplifting; Tony Barker, Driving on Suspended and No Registration Card; Michael Barrett, Speeding and Disregard of Traffic Light; William Barry, Shoplifting; Andrew L. Barstow, No Proof of Insurance and Defective Equipment; Jocinda Kay Batey, Shoplifting; Michael Baughman, Underage Consumption; Christopher Baumbach, Possession of Controlled Substance and Failure to Yield; Crystal Beals, Shoplifting; Benjamen Beatty, Expired Registration and No Insurance; Amanda Bennett, Shoplifting (second offense), Trespassing, and Petit Larceny (second offense); Jennifer Lynn Bentley, Driving While License Suspended and No Proof of Insurance carried;

Joseph Berry, Shoplifting; Matthew Beseny, Failure to Stop at Red Light; James Adam Bias, Public Intoxication; Jason Eric Bickle, Defective Equipment; Thomas A. Billingsley, Expired Operators and No Proof of Insurance; Ashley Stewart Bird, Shoplifting, Shoplifting (second offense), No Proof of Insurance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Expired MVI and Cell Phone use; John Black, No MVI; Joy Ann Black, Shoplifting and Expired Operators; Melinda Blake, Public Intoxication; Jason Blankenship, Defective Equipment (times two) and No Insurance; Michelle Elaine Blankenship, Shoplifting; Timothy Blankenship, Defective Equipment and Improper Registration; Sharon Blood, Driving on Suspended (second offense); Jonathan Bobb, Driving on Suspended; April Kathleen Boggs, Shoplifting (second offense);

Adam Bogges, Shoplifting; Jason Bogges, Defective Equipment and Driving Suspended; Jeffrey Boles, Expired Registration; Donald Boling, Shoplifting; Christy N. Bonecutter, Shoplifting; Tyra Boothe, Shoplifting; Tosha Boster, Defective Equipment and No Proof of Insurance; Walter Wayne Brainard, Open Container; Patrick Bumgarner, No Insurance and Seatbelt; Joseph Bush, Driving on Suspended and Defective Exhaust; Dennis E. Boyd, Jr., Driving on Suspended and No MVI; Eric Brandonisio, Shoplifting (second offense); Jeremy Brannan, Driving Suspended; Allen Ray Brickles, Shoplifting and Public Intoxication; Jeffrey Cole Brown, Defective Equipment and Failure to Produce Operators;

Robert Browning, Speeding and No Operators; Mia Bass, Shoplifting and Shoplifting (second offense); Amanda Buck, Shoplifting; Joshua Bumgarner, Shoplifting; Allen Burke, Shoplifting and Trespassing; Christopher Scott Burris, No Operators; Amber Burton, Cell Phone use; Joseph Bush, Improper Registration and Failure to Produce Operators; Lester Bush, No MVI, No Insurance, No Operators, Improper Registration, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Controlled Substance; Zachary Bush, No Operators, No License, No Proof of Insurance, and No Proof Registration; Jennifer Cade, Shoplifting; Kelly Caldwell, Shoplifting; Angela L. Camelin, Shoplifting; David Michael Camp, Stop Sign; Donovan J. Cannon, No Proof Operators;

Shawn Carmichael, Trespassing; Anthony A. Carpenter, Defective Equipment and Obstructing; Alexander Chandler, Defective Equipment (times three), No Child Restraint and No Operators; Clifton Chandler, No Operators and No Proof of Insurance; Shannon P. Chapman, No Proof of Insurance; Lacey D. Childress, Shoplifting; Travis Childress, Defective Equipment, Failure to Maintain Control and No Insurance; Leechona Clagg, Shoplifting and Trespassing; Angie Mae Clark, Shoplifting (second offense); John Clark, Failure to Stop at Sign; Melissa Clark, Shoplifting; Sherry Clark, Shoplifting; Tucker Marshall Clay, Driving Suspended (first offense); Joe Clelland, No Insurance; Kendall Clendenen, Possession of a Controlled Substance;

Heinz F. Coats, Open Container and Possession of Controlled Substance; Jack Ryan Cochran, Expired MVI; Anna Cogar, Shoplifting; Trica Congo, No Insurance; Jeremy W. Conley, Shoplifting, Driving on Suspended, No Seat Belt and Defective Equipment; Micah Conley, Shoplifting and Trespassing; Melissa Cooney, Speeding and Seatbelt; Alyssa Corbeil, Speeding and Driving Suspended; Anita L. Coughenour, Red Light Violation and No Proof of Insurance; Cody A. Counts, Reckless Driving; Alex Craig, Defective Equipment, Failure to use Turn Signal and No Insurance; Sara Craig, Shoplifting; Mariasela Espinoza-Cruz, Shoplifting; Angel Cummings, No Operators and Failure to Maintain Control; Kenneth M. Currence, Defective Equipment (times two), No Operators in Possession and No Seatbelt; Buddy Lee Curry, Driving on Suspended.

Mindy Kearns

For the Register

Mindy Kearns is a freelance writer or Ohio Valley Publishing who lives in Mason County.

Mindy Kearns is a freelance writer or Ohio Valley Publishing who lives in Mason County.