MCCF receives over $30,000 in NIP credits

Staff Report

MASON COUNTY — The Community Foundation of Mason County (MCCF) recently received $39,250 in Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP) credits.

The NIP is a program overseen by the West Virginia Development Office. Each year approved non-profit organizations such as the MCCF are allotted state tax credits that can be given to donors who contribute $500 or more for a specific cause. NIP projects include: improvements to emergency child shelter facilities, expansion of adoption and foster care programs statewide, increasing early intervention services and programs and to expand the “WE CAN” mentoring program statewide.

The MCCF received over $30,000 in NIP Credits, which will allow the organization to fund various community programs. The MCCF is now excepting donations that are eligible for W.Va. tax credit. Wherein, a $10,000 contribution to the society would result in $5,000 in state tax savings and a possible federal tax savings of roughly $2,800 and the cost to the individual could be as little as $2,200.

The NIP program is simple to utilize. An individual sends the MCCF a contribution of at least $1,000 and a representative will send them back a tax credit voucher for 50 percent of their contribution. The individual then attaches the voucher to the appropriate tax form and deducts the credit from the amount of taxes owed. The NIP program provides the donor an excellent way to stretch the value of their charitable contributions while helping to care for children and families all across the state.

NIP credits are limited to the first donations received. MCCF is giving tax credits to donations of $1,000 or more and limiting the tax credits to $5,000 per donor. NIP credits apply to specific child and family welfare programs as well as Mason County education and youth programs. Qualifying donations for NIP credits are on a first come, first serve basis.

For those interested in the NIP program, contact the MCCF office or Christy Crowell at 304-372-4500 or 304-531-5252.

Information provided by MCCF.

Staff Report