Fall Sing-A-Long set

HARTFORD — A Fall Sing-A-Long, to benefit the 30th annual Bend Area Gospel Jubilee, will be held Oct. 5 at the Father’s House Church Fellowship Building in Hartford.

Set from 2 to 8:30 p.m., the event will feature food and singing all afternoon.

Singers will include David and Sheila Bowen, Cowboy Hunt, Riley Springston, Tammy McCallister, Faith’s Promise, Inheritance, Kadyn Stone, Evelyn Smith, and Clotis and Delores Hart. Also singing will be Marilyn Phillips, Heaven’s Call, Randy Parsons, Ron Shamblin, Ed Caldwell, Covered By Love, Randy Shaffer, the Kearns Family, and Jubilee Trio.

There will be plenty of food for sale, including vegetable beef soup, hotdogs, chicken salad sandwiches, cakes, pies, and other goodies. A yard sale will also be going on during the day.

The 30th annual Bend Area Gospel Jubilee will be held June 1 through 6, 2020, according to Promoter Evelyn Roush. For more information, Roush can be reached at 304-882-2049.