Local students ‘Get Up and Go’

By Erin (Perkins) Johnson - eperkins@aimmediamidwest.com

POINT PLEASANT — Local elementary school students have been getting up and going on walks and runs and participating in various activities to increase their daily mileage these past few weeks.

Pleasant Valley Hospital (PVH) recently partnered with the Robert and Louise Claflin Foundation to begin a new 12-week program in Mason County’s elementary schools, “Get Up and Go,” which is targeting youth in grades third-sixth.

The idea of this program stemmed from MBA, MORT/L Director of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Amy Mullins, LAT, ATC, Sports Medicine Manager Gabe Roush, Executive Director of Ancillary Services at PVH Connie Davis and Georgianna Tillis, as these PVH pupils are trying to push the notion of having youth get up and get moving to help combat childhood obesity.

Tillis was in charge of writing the grant through the Claflin Foundation. The grant has allowed the purchase of iPads for Mason County physical education teachers in order to help with tracking the students’ mileage during their physical education class for the “Get Up and Go” program. These iPads contain a program application provided by PVH called “Mileage Club EZ Scan.”

During this 12-week program, explained Mullins, students will be walking, running or doing other activities to get their mileage in each day. The amount of miles obtained by each student is recorded and PVH is monitoring all the students progress. Students will receive tokens for the completion of certain mileage markers met, such as after five miles are achieved the students receive a token. At the end of the 12 weeks, prizes will be awarded to the students who achieve the most mileage, the class who achieves the most mileage and the school who achieves the most mileage.

The student in first place for the most mileage earned will receive free Sky Zone tickets for them and five of their friends, the top ranking class in mileage will win a party at the Southern Ohio Gymnastics Academy (SOGA), and the top placed school will receive either a trophy or banner for their success.

Mullins added since some of the schools are larger than others, they will be figuring out the top performers based on percentages of miles achieved.

To wrap up the event and help students get their final bit of mileage in, a “Get Up and Go Turkey Trot” will be held on Tuesday, Nov.26, 9 a.m. at the Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School track. All are welcome to attend and participate in this event. Mullins and Roush want to see families out on the track together as this program is encouraging physical fitness and overall wellness.

Roush reported as of Tuesday morning, which would have marked the second day of the third week of the “Get Up and Go” program, the participating students have achieved 6,563 miles. The top three schools are New Haven Elementary with 2,453 miles, Point Pleasant Intermediate School with 1,736 miles and Leon Elementary with 1,185 miles.

Mullins and Roush commend those from the Claflin Foundation including President of the Claflin Foundation Stephen Littlepage who awarded PVH the grant for this program as the technology is making this program much easier on the participating teachers and students.


By Erin (Perkins) Johnson


Erin (Perkins) Johnson is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (304) 675-1333, extension 1992.

Erin (Perkins) Johnson is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (304) 675-1333, extension 1992.