2019 Mothman Royalty

The 2019 Mothman Festival Royalty were chosen last Saturday, among the winners who will reign over this weekend’s festival includes, from left, Darian Miller, Ms. Queen; Holly Price, Miss Princess; Hannah O’Brien, Miss Queen; Emerson Mizer, Teen Miss Queen; Shelby Anderson, Teen Miss Princess; and Rebekah Yoxthimer, Mrs. Queen. Also pictured are the winners of the 2019 Junior Royalty Mothman Festival Pageant, who will reign over this weekend’s festival as well, front row, from left, Carly Barr, Tiny Miss Queen; Kash Gheen, Little Mister King. Back row, from left, Aleah Armentrout, Young Miss Queen; Shelby Plants, Junior Miss Queen; and Makayla Simpson, Little Miss Queen.