Mason addresses parking issues

By Mindy Kearns - Special to the Register

MASON — Controversy over a town-owned field next to the J.C. Cook Ball Field was clarified during the most recent meeting of the Mason Town Council.

Attending the meeting were Mayor Donna Dennis, Recorder Christy McDonald, and council members Emily Henry, Sharon Kearns, and Becky Pearson.

The mayor said there have been rude comments made to the town police officers, employees, and on social media regarding the field. It is located next to the wastewater plant and is normally clear and available for the ball field overflow parking. The J.C. Cook field is used by both Wahama baseball, and teams from the Mason Recreation Foundation.

This year, due to a wastewater upgrade project, the field is full of large pieces of concrete, brush and other items. This has left little parking for those attending games.

The mayor continued that she wanted people to know the town owns the field, and school officials and coaches were aware that the field was going to be in use going into Wahama’s ball season. She said the town and Principal Kenny Bond have a contract signed between the two. It was noted by Dennis that it has not been school officials or coaches complaining.

The mayor stated there is to be no parking in front of the wastewater treatment plant gate, that is also located near the ball field. She said the fire department has also had trouble with people parking close to the nearby fire hydrant. The police chief was instructed at the meeting to ticket those parking in the no parking zones.

Also during the meeting, Dennis told the council that bids had been opened Thursday for the Clifton water extension project.

Kathy Elliott of Region II Planning and Development said there were two bids for the project, with one being the apparent low bidder. She said once the bid is confirmed to have met all specifications, it will be awarded. Elliott said the low bid did come in at approximately $10,000 over the available funding.

Dennis said all permits for the project are in place. The project should start within a month, and Elliott said the construction phase should not take long.

The project will provide water to a new business in Clifton, as well as provide water to a campground area. Some existing water customers will be tied in to the new line, as well.

David Morgan attended the meeting regarding a flag pole and flag that were donated last fall, and offered assistance in erecting the flag pole. Dennis said the town was waiting for better weather, and is now working on it.

Morgan also questioned the Mason Amusement Association’s plan for a splash pad next to the library. He said there is a possibility of the Moose Lodge holding a charity bingo for it in the future. He added a charity event will be held in July for the New Haven swimming pool.

In other action, the council:

Donated $500 to the New Haven pool;

Heard a complaint regarding dogs on Third Street and owners not cleaning the waste, causing a vile odor;

Discussed who owns a tree that fell between Martin and Zuspan streets;

Approved a wastewater project drawdown as submitted by Elliott;

Discussed updates on the sidewalk project, and the First and Fourth street sinkholes;

Tabled a playground equipment project idea from the mayor in the amount of approximately $25,000 until the next meeting;

Agreed to get quotes for paving Third and Fourth streets;

Hired David Reed and Scottie Casto as seasonal, per diem grass mowers at $9 per hour (with the mayor abstaining); and,

Agreed that those not being able to transport trash to the wastewater plant on town clean-up day, May 11, can call the town hall to be placed on a list for pick-up.

The next meeting will be May 2 at 6:30 p.m.

By Mindy Kearns

Special to the Register

Mindy Kearns is a freelance writer for Ohio Valley Publishing, email her at

Mindy Kearns is a freelance writer for Ohio Valley Publishing, email her at