Mason Co. 911 yearly activity report

By R.C. Faulk - For the Register

POINT PLEASANT — The Mason County 911 center recently released its call volume reports for the year ending 2015, with dispatchers handling in excess of 58,000 telephone calls.

R.C. Faulk, deputy director of the Mason County 911 Center, says he spends many hours scouring data reports he produces from 911 center servers to provide a yearly recap of activity. Faulk produces yearly activity reports every year in a January-to-December time frame that are disseminated to each department and the public.

Of those 58,000 calls, 541 were classified as “abandoned” by the 911 center. An abandoned call is one that rings in to the dispatch center and no one is on the other end of the call. When these types of calls occur where no one appears to be communicating with the dispatchers, a police officer is dispatched to the location for a follow-up to make sure that everything is OK at the location. This is to be certain that if there is a problem at the location of the call and the caller is unable for whatever reason to verbally communicate with the dispatcher, help is still provided to the caller.

Looking at the call totals by the day of the week, Friday’s were the busiest days of 2015.

Faulk further broke down the first responder activity for 2015. Faulk states that there were more than 18,000 dispatches for law enforcement, fire responders and medical responders. During last year, there were 12,089 law enforcement dispatches.

For 2015 in the fire service, there were 834 dispatchers with the top call totals being 208 vehicle crash calls, 85 structure fire calls, and 54 alarm company generated dispatches.

For 2015, the emergency medical services were dispatched 7,876 times. Top emergency categories include 412 chest pain emergencies and 589 breathing trouble calls.

In an ongoing effort to notify residents of emergency situations in the county, Faulk said residents are reminded to check out various social media applications that are managed by the Mason County Office of Emergency Services. The Emergency Services Office maintains a Twitter account, a Facebook account and a Nixle account. All of these services are free to the public and registration information can be found at and selecting the social media forum of interest.

By R.C. Faulk

For the Register

R.C. Faulk is the deputy director of the Mason County 911 Center.

R.C. Faulk is the deputy director of the Mason County 911 Center.