Health care for local children

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POINT PLEASANT — Mason County residents who are interested in keeping their children healthy are invited to attend a Children’s Health Collaborative Project community meeting.

The meeting is set for Thursday, March 14 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Chef House in Point Pleasant. Lunch will be provided. Parents, teachers, health care providers, and all interested community members may attend.

West Virginia is a national leader in reducing the rate of uninsured children and has more school based health centers per person than any other state. However, the children’s overall health and well being is ranked close to the bottom in national surveys.

Too many children within the state live in transition and disrupted families, plus individuals within the state have additional barriers to health care that are associated with being a rural and high poverty state. These factors make it difficult to link children with a medical home and stable, organized care.

The Children’s Health Collaborative Project wants to see every West Virginia child enrolled in insurance coverage, linked to a provider, and receiving coordinated and continuous health services. This organization can do this by building on successful models that are already working in the state and creating an innovative partnership between policy experts, health providers, educators, parents, and community leaders who share this goal.

Some first steps are to create a model policy for schools to find out if students have health insurance and to refer students to care if they are in need.

Children who have health insurance are more likely to be healthy individuals. The Children’s Health Collaborative Project is a grant funded project of West Virginians for Affordable Health Care.

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Erin Perkins contributed to this article.

Staff Report