For the record

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests: Michael W. Combs, 57, Leon, DUI causing bodily injury, arrested by Lt. Greene. Bobby L. Blake, 23, Apple Grove, domestic battery, arrested by Sgt. Terry. Travis J. Lester, 33, Southside, domestic battery, deprive access to emergency services, arrested by Cpt. Stearns. Kay E. Greer, 56, Point Pleasant, DUI, arrested by Deputy Waugh. Gregory A. Williamson, 40, Henderson, drive revoked for DUI, arrested by Cpt. Stearns. Thomas A. Craig, 50, Point Pleasant, assault times two, arrested by Sgt. Varian. John J. Burgess, 43, Point Pleasant, unlawful assault, arrested by Deputy M. Stewart. Jack R. Cochran, 37, Point Pleasant, aggravated DUI, driving suspended, arrested by Deputy Waugh. Tracie C. Patrick, 54, Gallipolis Ferry, DUI, failure to maintain control, arrested by Deputy Waugh. Lora A. Terry, 47, Point Pleasant, domestic battery times two, arrested by Sgt. Varian. Mirian I. Greer, 57, Point Pleasant, drive revoked for DUI, no insurance, arrested by Deputy Cavender. Wesley T. Plumley, 23, Beckley, capias, bailpiece, arrested by Deputy Cavender. David Eakins, 38, Pomeroy, Ohio, trespassing after notice, shoplifting, battery, obstructing an officer times two, arrested by Deputy M. Stewart.