Voters decide constitutional amendments

Staff Report

The voters spoke on two Constitutional Amendments during Tuesday’s General Election.

With 55 of 55 counties reporting, Amendment No. 1: No Constitutional right to abortion Amendment had 295,536 votes for and 275,748 votes against. The amendment will amend the West Virginia Constitution to clarify that nothing in the Constitution of West Virginia secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of abortion.

The amendment was passed by a narrow margin with 51.73 percent of voters voting for it and 48.27 voting against it.

Passed by a significantly wider margin was Amendment No. 2: Judicial Budget Oversight Amendment, which had 386,272 votes for and 147,594 against. This equated to 72.35 percent of voters voting for the amendment and 27.65 percent voting against it.

This amendment is to provide that the total general revenue appropriations to the judiciary may be reduced in the budget bill, and setting forth the required procedures to be followed by the Legislature to enact any decrease in the total general revenue appropriations to the judiciary to an amount that is less than 85 percent of the amount of the total general revenue appropriations to the judiciary in the most recently enacted budget; providing that when requested by the Legislature, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals must appear and be heard and answer inquiries relative any budget bill; and conforming language relating to the introduction of the budget and matters that may be taken up during extended sessions to more recent amendments to the constitution.

Unofficial results from the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office.

Staff Report