Gazebo to be added to Krodel Park

By Erin Perkins -

POINT PLEASANT — The Point Pleasant City Council recently met for its regularly scheduled meeting, discussing a new addition to Krodel Park planned for September.

Bob Rulen, chairmen of the Point Pleasant Wellness Committee/Walking Trail Committee, spoke with council about a gazebo being added to Krodel Park. Rulen explained after the completion of the Krodel Park Walking Trail, he was approached by representatives of the Robert and Louise Claflin Foundation about putting in a gazebo as well. Rulen proceeded to get quotes for the installation of a gazebo.

He explained the gazebo will be white vinyl, asphalt shingles on the roof with seating inside. Rulen said the gazebo will be 12 x 16 feet and have a 14 x 18 concrete pad around it. He commented the project has been moving along swiftly, the excavating of the land has been completed, and now workers have began forming up the land for concrete to be laid.

The gazebo will be located near the park’s exit. Rulen explained sidewalks will be leading off of the walking trail into the gazebo.

The Claflin Foundation has fully funded this project of the gazebo said Rulen, providing over $17,000. Representatives of the Claflin Foundation also mentioned adding picnic tables near the gazebo. The area will be shaded commented Rulen, making it a place to be enjoyed by residents.

Rulen explained all the representatives of the Claflin Foundation ask is this portion of the Krodel Park be named “Claflin Corner.” He added all projects which hold the Claflin name are maintained through the Claflin Foundation.

The council approved the addition of the gazebo to Krodel Park with the city providing the water and electricity to it and to name the designated area “Claflin Corner.”

Mayor Brian Billings gave recognition to Rulen, thanking him for all the work he has put forth in bettering the community, such as aiding in the installation of the walking trail and also helping with the upcoming additions to Krodel Park. Rulen previously served as a city councilman.

By Erin Perkins

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (304) 675-1333, extension 1992.

Erin Perkins is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (304) 675-1333, extension 1992.