Major water leak affects New Haven residents

NEW HAVEN — A leak in a major line left residents of New Haven without water on Wednesday.

According to Mayor Charles Yonker, there was a four-foot split in an eight-inch line at the base of the hill leading up to the town water tank. The mayor stated the line is the feeder to basically the entire town, with the exception of the Haven Heights area.

Notice was given to residents on the town’s social media site about 10 a.m. Water was shut off to repair the leak, but with its large size, the water tank had already drained.

The mayor said specialized equipment had to be brought in, including a heavy duty backhoe from E&R Excavating of New Haven. Due to the grade of the hill where the leak occurred, however, town laborers were having to do much of the work by hand.

Also hampering the work was the fact that the leak happened in an eight-inch line, which the town does not typically keep on hand. Mayor Yonker said the line and “boots” for the repair were ordered, and workers were traveling to pick up the supplies in Huntington on Wednesday afternoon.

The mayor was hopeful that the leak would be repaired and water restored late Wednesday evening, but said it might be some time before people have full water pressure. Residents will also be under a boil water advisory until water tests come back clear.

The entire section of water line up to the tower will be replaced in a water project the town will soon undertake. The mayor said the usefulness of this fix will be short-lived. He added most of the lines throughout town are between 50 and 70 years old.

“There is no question of ‘should we do it,’” Mayor Yonker said about the water project. He concluded the project will be completed with both grant and low-interest loan funds.