Health department distributing emergency kits

Staff Report

POINT PLEASANT — The Mason County Health Department is helping residents prepare for an emergency.

Starting this Friday, the health department will once gain be giving out emergency kits free to residents who have not been given one in the past. There are 200 kits in stock and they will be given out while supplies last, again beginning this Friday during normal business hours at the health department which are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Each year the health department distributes these emergency kits to the residents of the county. These kits are free and purchased by the health department with grant funding received by Centers for Disease Control and the West Virginia Center of Threat Preparedness.

The kits do not contain food but contain water and other emergency supplies that would help in an emergency. In the past, kits have also contained batteries, flashlight, first aid items, etc. These kits are self-contained in a tote bucket and along with the supplies, residents will receive an emergency book, a waterproof envelope for emergency papers and a list of other items to add to go along with the kit.

Everyone who receives a kit must bring an identification to receive only one kit per household. Your name and address will be obtained and added to the list. Again, if you have received a kit in years past, you will not be eligible to receive another kit.

Over the past five years, the health department has distributed approximately 1,000 emergency kits to the residents of the county to help them be prepared for an emergency.

Information for this article provided by the Mason County Health Department.

Staff Report