WHS Class of ‘18 awards

By Mindy Kearns - Special to the Register

MASON — Scholarships from over 80 local businesses, organizations and individuals were given to seniors at Wahama High School recently when the annual Scholarship Awards ceremony was held in the school cafeteria.

Colin Pierce, a 2010 Wahama graduate, was guest speaker for the event. Pierce received his undergraduate degree in 2014 in exercise physiology, and his doctorate from Marshall University in 2017 in physical therapy.

The guest speaker gave the Class of 2018 pointers for being successful in college. He quoted his former Wahama football coach, Ed Cromley, who Pierce said told him and his fellow teammates, “Nothing good happens after midnight.”

Guidance Counselor Teresa Murphy led the scholarship awards, with various representatives presenting the scholarships. The scholarship committee was also recognized, including Amanda Lieving, Sue Barnitz, Roberta Hysell, Linda Brewer, Lisa Crump, Joni Knight, and Bernita Allen.

Scholarships presented were:

West Virginia Promise Scholarship eligible: Colton Arrington, Lucas Diehl, Lauren Fields, Christopher Hesson, Baylee Hoffman, Noah Litchfield, Anthony Ortiz, Isaiah Pauley, Makenzie Warth, and Madison VanMeter.

West Virginia University: Cass Kimes, Makenzie Warth.

Marshall University: Kerigan Blake, Ethan Herdman, Mattie Petry, Lauren Fields, Colton Arrington, Madison VanMeter, Noah Litchfield, Baylee Hoffman.

The Citadel: Christopher Hesson.

Ohio Christian University: Isaiah Pauley.

Ohio University: Madison VanMeter, Brady Kinzel, Bryton Grate.

Robert and Louise Claflin Foundation: Daniele Tomlinson-Lake, Tori Robinson, Courtney Rickard, Noah Litchfield.

Wahama Class of 1968: Megan Roush.

J.T. and Heather Lloyd Family Scholarship: Isaiah Pauley, Noah Litchfield.

Mason County Commissioners: Madison VanMeter.

Mason County Chamber of Commerce: Makenzie Warth.

Avalanche Community Educational Outreach Services: Colton Arrington.

Sassafras Tire/NAPA: Baylee Hoffman.

Rotary Scholarship: Noah Litchfield.

Farmers Bank: Kaleigh Stewart, Lauren Fields, Cass Kimes, Baylee Hoffman.

Stewart-Johnson V.F.W. Post 9926: Natalie Rickard, Courtney Rickard, Kaleigh Stewart, Bryton Grate.

Smith-Capehart American Legion Post 140: Megan Roush, Kaleigh Stewart, Bryton Grate, Mattie Petry.

Bend Area CARE: Megan Roush, Baylee Hoffman.

Chari Cullen Memorial Scholarship presented by Fairview Church: Bryton Grate.

New Haven Elementary Staff: Noah Litchfield, Madison VanMeter.

Wahama Athletic Hall of Fame/Barbara Clark Davis Scholarships: Baylee Hoffman, Makenzie Warth, Madison VanMeter, Isaiah Pauley, Christopher Hesson, Dalton Kearns.

Wahama Alumni: Isaiah Pauley, Baylee Hoffman, Tori Robinson, Courtney Rickard, Natalie Rickard, Christopher Hesson, Mattie Petry, Lauren Fields, Kerigan Blake, Madison VanMeter.

Anonymous scholarship for one- or two-year program: Makenzie Warth.

J&M Industrial, Millwood, WV: Dalton Kearns.

Haymaker Memorial Scholarship by New Haven U.M. Church: Christopher Hesson.

Northbend Church: Alli Dewees and Isaiah Pauley.

Gordon and Mildred Jackson/Mason County Community Foundation: Madison VanMeter, Makenzie Warth.

Mary Jo Cochran: Madison VanMeter.

A&R Rentals: Destiny Sayre, Dalton Kearns.

Mason County Education Association: Kerigan Blake.

Donald Kay Memorial: Dalton Kearns, Christopher Hesson.

Mark Porter GM Supercenter: Lucas Diehl.

Upper Mason Parish: Christopher Hesson.

Ohio Valley Bank: Isaiah Pauley.

Brandon Cundiff Memorial: Caitlin Harrison, Mattie Petry, Kaleigh Stewart.

Angell Tax and Accounting, Ravenswood: Autumn Baker.

Bend Area Chiropractic: Tori Robinson.

AB Contracting: Madison VanMeter.

Alpha Delta Kappa: Courtney Rickard.

AEP Mountaineer Plant: Colton Arrington.

AEP River Division: Lauren Fields.

Anderson Funeral Home: Tori Robinson.

April Parsons Memorial: Noah Litchfield, Dalton Kearns.

Bob’s Market and Greenhouses: Noah Litchfield.

Bob and Corena Barnitz: Skyler Estep, Baylee Hoffman, Dalton Kearns, Noah Litchfield, Destiny Sayre, Garrett Snouffer.

Bobby and Sue Barnitz: Noah Litchfield, Isaiah Pauley.

Isaac David Foreman Memorial: Noah Litchfield.

Brinker Machine: Lucas Diehl.

Carson Farms: Kerigan Blake, Makenzie Warth.

City National Bank: Makenzie Warth, Ethan Herdman.

Christian Brethren Church: Kerigan Blake, Dalton Kearns.

Chuck Zerkle: Brycen Oliver.

Deal Funeral Home: Brycen Oliver.

Dr. Ernest Trent: Cass Kimes.

Dr. Michael Brewer: Anthony Ortiz.

Dr. Wesley and Amanda Lieving: Makenzie Warth.

Faith Baptist Church: Kerigan Blake, Isaiah Pauley.

Fast 4 U/S&H Builders: Caitlin Harrison, Kaleigh Stewart.

Foglesong-Casto Funeral Home: Brady Kinzel.

New Haven Road Angels: Kerigan Blake, Garrett Snouffer, Destiny Sayre, Brady Kinzel.

Magistrate Gail Roush: Dalton Kearns.

Isabella Riley VanMatre Memorial: Destiny Sayre.

James Alarm Service: Madison VanMeter, Alexis Roush.

Joseph Kearns Memorial by Christopher Hesson: Johnnie Board.

Kayser, Layne & Clark: Megan Roush, Cass Kimes.

Ken Bass Insurance, John Greer, Agent: Colton Arrington, Caitlin Harrison, Courtney Rickard, Natalie Rickard, Destiny Sayre, Kaleigh Stewart, Lauren Fields, Baylee Hoffman, Isaiah Pauley, Alexis Roush, Madison VanMeter, Makenzie Warth.

Kimes Steel and Rail: Lauren Fields.

Knight-Watterson Family: Noah Litchfield.

Linda Meadows: Lucas Diehl.

Living Water Greenhouses: Isaiah Pauley.

Maggie’s Café: Colton Arrington.

Mary Roush Memorial by Riverside Golf: Alexis Roush, Megan Roush, Brady Kinzel.

Nationwide Insurance, Jon Parrack, Agent: Anthony Ortiz.

Nehaclima Garden Club: Hannah Wren.

Delegate Scott and Linda Brewer Family: Bryton Grate, Alli Dewees.

Tobacco King: Autumn Baker.

Mason Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star: Isaiah Pauley, Noah Litchfield, Cass Kimes.

Powell’s Food Fair: Lauren Fields.

Rob Thomas Memorial: Cass Kimes.

State Farm Insurance, Ty Somerville, Agent: Alexis Roush.

St. Paul Lutheran Church: Hannah Wren.

Thompson’s Hardware: Mattie Petry.

Tommy Short Memorial: Johnnie Board.

Raven Aviation: Ethan Herdman.

Anonymous scholarships: Alyssa Gibbs, Anthony Ortiz, Alexis Roush, Brandy Kinzel, Tori Robinson, Alli Dewees, Brycen Oliver, Daniele Tomlinson-Lake, Jase Heckaman, Trey Peters.

5K Walk/Run for Education: Autumn Baker (most sponsors), Isaiah Pauley (first senior to cross finish line).

Receiving 4-H All-Star cords: Colton Arrington, Autumn Baker, Kerigan Blake, Baylee Hoffman.


By Mindy Kearns

Special to the Register

Mindy Kearns is a freelance writer for Ohio Valley Publishing, email her at mindykearns1@hotmail.com.

Mindy Kearns is a freelance writer for Ohio Valley Publishing, email her at mindykearns1@hotmail.com.